Junior II Visits Ellis Island

Posted by gchristie on October 25, 2012
The Beat

The Junior II students visited Ellis Island and participated in their “Shore to Shore” educational program. This trip compliments their practical life and history studies. It was a beautiful, sunny day – perfect for a Ferry ride from Liberty Park to Ellis Island. Once on the island, they explored the exact room where immigrants first arrived and began experiencing a new life in America. There were stacks of real luggage that was left from long ago. Next, they had a presentation and tour of what the first immigrants experienced, such as medical and mental tests. The students had some hands-on activities where they were able to try to pack a trunk of items and tried out what the beds felt like in third class. The visit was capped off by a fun picnic lunch and recess games under the trees on Ellis Island. Finally, a ferry brought the class right by the Statue of Liberty, which was exciting for all! Some students found their relatives’ names on the wall, but many others said they cannot wait to go back with their families to this historical island.

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