Philosophy & Mission


Princeton Montessori School, founded in 1968, is an independent, coeducational day school, dedicated to the highest quality education of children, from infancy through middle school,according to the values and principles of the Montessori philosophy. The teachers nurture the individual child’s innate abilities and self-exploration that provide children with the skills and foundation for leading full lives. Parents are supported through educational resources and classes and encouraged to be active participants in the school community. The recruitment, training and continued mentorship of talented teachers, along with the integrated curriculum and environments which are tailored to meet the developmental needs of the individual child, are the priorities of the School.


We want our students—and the adults they become—to be able to gather, question, evaluate, and act independently and with confidence. In building their base of knowledge and critical thinking abilities, we are also seeking to encourage compassion, self-awareness, sociability, active curiosity, self-discipline, responsibility, and self-reliance. These are the assets our students will come to rely on as they face new situations — in school and throughout their lives.

The heart of our philosophy is to develop life long learners and responsible, caring and capable individuals.  Together, this creates a healthy and happy whole person and provides the foundation for purposeful, responsible, fulfilling lives.

Core Values

The teachers respect the children as unique individuals.

Multi-age classes allow teachers to develop close and long- term relationships with their parents and students, allow them to know each child’s learning style well and encourage older students to become role-models, mentors and leaders to younger students.

The Montessori curriculum is carefully designed and integrates the content with in programs and from level to level to maximize the opportunity for learning.  The curriculum is presented to the children in developmentally appropriate increments.

Independence is nurtured and leads to children becoming purposeful, motivated and confident in their own abilities.

Peace and conflict resolution are lived daily and children learn to be part of a warm, respectful and supportive community and revere all life including self.

Character development is a central focus of the curriculum. The child creates, in a very real sense, the adult that is to be, through their experiences, interactions, and environments.

Hands-on learning is central to the curriculum in all programs and leads to children being engaged rather than passive with their work.

Self-directed learning is supported through the environments that are responsibly and carefully prepared with multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials.  The curriculum is personalized to the needs of the child.

Our supportive community allows teachers and children and teachers and parents to work together.  Parent education classes are conducted throughout the year on a variety of developmentally tailored topics to support parents.

Self-expression is nurtured in all children.  Children experience art, music, poetry, theatre, writing and other forms of creative arts with confidence and passion.