Why Montessori?

What an opportune time it is to be young and on the cutting edge of learning opportunities! Montessori teachers embrace knowledge as dynamic and ever-changing. They invite children’s’ questions and observe their actions and responses with intent. They guide children’s curiosity and allow them to experience real-life processes, so important in the development of a mind that can think and discover.

This short video presented by the American Montessori Society explains the benefits of a Montessori education form a parents’ perspective.

Although all children must memorize facts and practice routines, the Montessori method emphasizes  concrete experiential learning opportunities that assist children to communicate, collaborate, innovate, and question. Children thrive when given these opportunities. They gain the tools to navigate life’s most complex issues and will lead with confidence in this dynamic world, filled with endless opportunities and problems to solve.

It is fortuitous that the Montessori method rejects the notion that static rote learning and comparison scores reflect one’s potential. The method honors one’s ability to become a self-directed learner, who questions, discovers, and invites new information day-in and day-out. Montessori teachers provide experiences and practice that open doors to life-long learning, innovation, experimentation and discovery.