Additional Classes

The Firefly Tennis Program is a provider of high-quality, personalized tennis experiences for children ages 3-8 years.

“We strive to provide memorable tennis experiences through extraordinary programs that offer our students the lifelong gift of tennis, as well as valuable social skills, character building skills, and leadership abilities that will benefit them for a lifetime. The Firefly Tennis Program achieves its goals by utilizing only the best available, child-sized equipment under the supervision of our licensed and highly trained staff. We believe in enabling children to play to learn, rather than learning to play.”

All classes are 45 minutes long and are held at PrincetonMontessori School. Fall, Winter, Spring sessions, all held indoors.

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Real Tennis. Real Fun! 


Princeton Montessori School is a location for Music Together classes!

Music Together classes are held on Mondays at Princeton Montessori School for children from babies to age 4.

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About the Instructor: Alex Mitnick graduated with honors with a BA in Jazz Guitar from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. His music focuses on self-awareness and an appreciation of the world around us. He has produced two CD’s called Kaleidoscope Songs I and II. He belongs to a variety of musical groups that perform for audiences in NJ, NY, and PA. He frequently presents to schools and teachers, and is an instructor for the Princeton Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.  Prior to joining the Princeton Montessori School faculty he taught Music Together classes in the Philadelphia area.


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Princeton Montessori School offers Little Kicks Soccer classes for children ages 3-6.  Classes are for 10 weeks.

“Little Kicks Soccer instructors teach through positive modeling and when teaching sports, the same is true. Our Instructors will consistently illustrate kindness, consistency, patience, and acceptance. We treat each child with dignity, respect, care and expect the children to show the same courtesy to others. Little Kicks Soccer was founded on the principle that young children should first be taught the joy of being physically active and the thrill of playing a sport in tandem with building a solid basic skills foundation. By using teaching methods that reinforce good skills and techniques through the use of fun and interactive games, children are more likely to want to continue their sport participation in the future”.

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Stephen Baselice, owner, is a United States Soccer Federation “C” licensed coach and trainer. With 17 years of coaching experience, he has trained teams from the NJ Olympic Development Program, South Jersey Select Soccer, Medford Strikers Soccer Club, Marlton Travel Soccer and the Princeton Soccer Association.



JW Actors Studio, based in Princeton, NJ, offers professional training for the stage and screen for students, ages 7+, as well as adults. The studio is led by Jody Wood, a professional actor with over twenty five years experience and extensive credits in film, television and theater. Select classes and summer camps are held in the theatre at Princeton Montessori School, NJ.

“All of our workshops at JW actors studio focus on the work; the process one needs to experience in order to be the best actor, performer, and speaker that they can be. To be a really truthful, honest actor is to embark on a journey that is not completed in any short amount of time. It takes commitment, discipline, and the ability to give it your all. For those seeking to be professional actors or for individuals looking to use these skills in other areas of life, I guarantee you’ll benefit from allowing me to guide you along this path.”

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