SummerQuest Descriptions


Infants — ages 8 weeks through 18 months +

Our Infant Center is a beautiful, sunlit, spacious environment that is custom designed for infants, utterly safe, and alive with responsiveness to their explorations. Within this safe harbor, infants enjoy freedom of movement to discover and interact, all the while developing gross motor skills like grasping, reaching, and climbing.  Register today.

Toddlers — ages 18 months through 3 years

Whether enjoying the beautifully-designed classrooms, singing, playing in the sandbox, or hearing a story, it’s all summer fun! Each day features stimulating daily activities for toddlers led by Princeton Montessori School’s experienced American Montessori Society (AMS) certified teachers who are developmental specialists. Students enjoy fun in the sun with abundant outdoor play time and water activities. They gain an appreciation of the outdoors with frequent nature walks to pick flowers or care for their own garden. the best part is a consistent and familiar daily schedule for your little one.  Register today.

Primary — ages 3 through 5 years

This summer, let your child’s imagination run wild with opportunities for fun and exploration centered around this year’s theme, “Safari.” You child is sure to enjoy the adventure with weekly sessions that include exciting activities such as art, music, science, cooking and nature, as well as planned field trips and special guests. Fitness activities, outdoor games, splash-fest days, group sports, and creative dance add to the adventure. Sessions are led by Princeton Montessori School’s Early Childhood teachers who are American Montessori Society (AMS) certified. Full-day students participate in swimming lessons twice a week at the Princeton YWCA. Allow your child’s creativity to run wild this year with a summer they will remember!  Register today.

Elementary — entering grades 1 – 4

Elementary SummerQuest offers an exciting array of opportunities for children entering grades one through four at Princeton Montessori School’s state-of-the-art facility. Each session is centered around a unique theme that will spark your child’s imagination and curiosity, and a specific sport. Learning takes place with hands-on activities, outdoor fun, arts, crafts, field trips, special events, and swimming lessons at the Princeton YWCA. SummerQuest memories last a lifetime. Whether one session or the entire summer, give your child a summer to remember!  Register today.

Eco-Citizens  |  Firefly Tennis and Swimming  |  Session Q  |  June 22 – July 10

Take a hike, watch the birds, and explore the outdoors! SummerQuest students will learn to “read the woods” as they discover the trees, birds, insects and wildflowers that are native to New Jersey. This “immersion” in outdoor education includes lessons in field biology, hiking skills and reading trail maps. Students will create a nature journal to draw and record their experiences as well as learn how to pack a backpack with energy treats and first aid kits. Field trips to Bald Pate Mountain and Bowman’s Wildflower Preserve will provide an opportunity to hone observation skills and record data.  Session includes weekly swimming instruction at the YWCA in Princeton. Three afternoons per week, children will learn basic tennis skills with Firefly Tennis.  Register today.

Artful Artists  |  Tae Kwon Do and Swimming  |  Session R  |  July 13 – 24

Nurture the artist within your child! Students will explore great works of art by master artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, O’Keefe, Monet and Pollack. Hands-on, creative experiences will foster your child’s understanding of basic principles of art. To further spark creativity, students will visit the Princeton University Art Museum to view works by the masters, and the session will culminate with an exhibition of the children’s work.  Best of all, children will have wonderful environments in which to create their own masterpieces — whether in our beautiful brand-new art studio or “plein-air” painting in our garden courtyard.  Session includes weekly swimming instruction at the YWCA in Princeton. Three afternoons per week, children will learn the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do taught by Princeton Martial Arts Center.  Register today.

Oceans Deep  |  Volleyball and Swimming  |  Session S  |  July 27 – Aug 7

Dive into the depths of the ocean and let your child explore all it has to offer!  The ocean plays a role in everything, from the air we breathe to daily weather and climate patterns.  During this session, children will become deep sea explorers with a study of the ocean, marine biology, and even meteorology.  During the two-weeks, we will focus on the five ocean regions and the life forms that live and have settled there.  Students will participate in activities that bring the ocean to life, including art explorations, connections to literature, music, and history; and, of course, science. A visit to the aquarium will complete the adventure.  All future oceanographers and admirers of the sea are invited!  Session includes weekly swimming instruction at the YWCA in Princeton. Three afternoons per week, children will learn the fundamentals of  volleyball.  Register today.

Fabulous Physics  |  Outdoor Games and Swimming  |  Session T  |  August 10 – 20

Children – scientists by nature – are full of questions about the way the world works. They want to know, “Why don’t I fall up?” or “Why do things spin and swing?” In this session, the young scientists will discover the answers as they explore the fascinating world of physics. Each day they will conduct experiments in our state-of-the-art science lab to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion, aerodynamics, friction, force, mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. A visit from a Princeton Plasma Physics Lab scientist  will further ignite students’ natural curiosity to understand their world.  The session is designed to deliver hands-on learning in a fun and engaging way while teaching the foundations of inquiry-based science.  Session includes weekly swimming instruction at the YWCA in Princeton. Three afternoons per week, children will enjoy old-fashioned outdoor games such as kickball, soccer, and basketball.  Register today.