Primary Admission

3 – 6 years; 3 years by October 1

Step 1:
Please set up a date to tour the School by using the online inquiry form:

Step 2:
Submit the online application with applicable fee: You will be notified by email once application is complete.

Step 3:
Submit the online Applicant Record Release Form if your child has attended another school or daycare center:
Step 4:
The Admissions Director will contact you to schedule your child’s 30-minute classroom visit with a teacher.

Step 5:
The Admissions Committee will meet to review your child’s acceptance upon completion of the application, visit, and submission of referrals.  The Director of Admissions will contact you regarding the Admission Committee’s decision.   Upon acceptance, you will receive an Enrollment Agreement e-mail from the Admissions office. This e-mail will include the documents for you to read and explain how to enroll your child using TADS, our on line billing system.


Infant & Toddler Admission Process 8 weeks to 36 months
Elementary & Middle School Admission Process 6-14 years (grades 1-8); 6 years by Oct. 1