Event Details

Please take note of and review the following information on yearly events. Please feel free to contact your conference teacher for further clarification.

Art Expo

In the Spring of each year, we gather as a community to showcase the visual art accomplishments of the year. Parents of Third-year Primary, Elementary and Middle School students are invited to come in for presentations about the year’s curriculum. Following the presentation the students give their parents a guided tour of the year’s art work.  View some of the students’ artwork.


Each Spring, Princeton Montessori School holds its Annual Auction. Picture a festive evening full of great selections of desirable items, delicious foods and interesting conversations with our wonderful school community.

The proceeds from the Auction fund professional development for teachers and program enhancements.  Our exceptional teachers turn the world upside down to seek new opportunities for your children and now you can support our faculty by attending the Auction.

An Auction Committee kick-off meeting will be held in early January.There are many varied roles for parents that range from data base management to decorating.  Please mark your calendars to attend this meeting.  It is a wonderful way to meet other parents and work together to help make our Annual Auction a success.

Information about the auction will be online in January.  Review the materials and make a donation to the auction.  Get Inspired!! Be Creative!! You can either donate an item, make a monetary donation as an Auction Sponsor and the Auction committee will put together some exciting packages or you may want to be an Auction Angel.  Auction Angels receive a free full-page ad in the e-catalog, free auction tickets, and your name will be placed on the Auction Angel Plaque at the school. Donations of goods, services or monetary donations can be made on line.  Advertisers can also place their ads on line.

Feel free to contact the Auction committee at 924-4594, ext. 303 or at auction@pmonts.org.Thank you in advance for your own magic touch to this fun-filled evening.

Back to School Night

Parents of Infant, Toddler, Primary and Junior I & Junior II students are invited to Back to School Night.This evening gives parents the opportunity to speak with the teachers, view the classroom environments, participate in sessions on various topics relative to our curriculum and socialize with other parents over dessert and coffee.

Camp Bernie

Each year the Junior II students take an overnight trip to Camp Bernie in Port Murray, NJ.  The school pays the costs of meals, lodging, transportation, and all camp activities. The Junior II teachers select camp activities with the assistance of the camp’s Activities Coordinator.  Some of these activities include a confidence course, survival skills, a nature trail hike and a campfire with songs.

A clothing and equipment list will be sent home to assist your child with packing for the trip. In addition to a travel bag, each student is required to bring a day-pack.


A variety of After-School Clubs are offered for Junior I and Junior II students. Most clubs meet weekly from 2:45-4:00 pm. BookEnds, a club for parents and students, meets in the evening, monthly, during the year.  Examples of clubs offered are: Ceramics, Sewing, and Chess.

Registration information is emailed over the summer. Junior II students may join a maximum of two clubs, excluding BookEnds. Priority will be given to students who are taking a specific club for the first time. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Community Service Program

The Parent Ambassadors have developed this project for our community to share the value of helping others in need.  This year there will be four events hosted by the Parent Ambassadors:

September - Food Drive for Crisis Ministry

December - Holiday Giving Line and Toys for Tots

May - Personal Products Drive for Crisis Ministry

Summer - Shoe Drive for Homefront

Click here for more information on the Community Service Programs.


Cookie Exchange

The Junior II Cookie Exchange is held immediately following the December Holiday Sing-Along at approximately 1:00 pm.  Junior II parents will receive additional details from the teachers.

Dessert Theater – Middle School

Each year Middle School students participate in a week-long Theater Workshop. The purpose of this week is for the students to create an original unique play, with the help of their teachers, that incorporates what they’ve learned in social studies and music education with their unique talents. They create the scripts, costumes, and props and then on Friday evening they present their theatre performance for their family. Additional details will be given.

Dismissal for the week will be at 4:00 pm.  The performance will begin at 6:30 pm on Friday, followed by desserts and coffee. Additional details will be provided.

Dress-Up Days

All Jr. II and Middle School Students participate in Dress-up Days throughout the year.  For Jr. II, dress-up days are scheduled monthly and are marked on the school calendar. Middle School students dress up on days they are involved in school events that require their participation. Recess is adjusted to accommodate the special clothes worn.  If a student attends the After School program on Dress-Up Day, he/she may bring in a change of clothes to change into at 2:45 pm.  We ask that no other changes of clothes occur, as we feel it is important to remain dressed up for the whole day.  Students also dress up for special occasions.  The Head of School and teachers will inform you of these days.  This may include performances, Open Houses, and Parent Invitation days.  Attire for Dress-Up days is outlined in the Elementary and Middle School handbook.

Family and Alumni Picnic/Alumni Soccer Game

The Annual Family & Alumni Reunion Picnic is a celebration at the end of the school year. Highlights are an ethnic potluck, musical entertainment, face painting and other fun activities. An Alumni soccer game takes place at the beginning of the picnic.

Father’s Day Celebration

Fathers, or a special friend or relative, are invited to a special day at Princeton Montessori School. There will be a luncheon and presentation. Fathers of children in Primary and Elementary will also spend time in their child’s classroom before or after the luncheon. Fathers of Infant, Toddler, and Middle School students will not visit the classrooms, but are encouraged to come for the luncheon. An email reminder will be sent prior to the event. Due to space limitations only one adult per family may attend.

Golf Outing

Princeton Montessori School holds an annual golf outing. Golf is played in a scramble format and tennis matches are formed depending on the number of participants. 
All players enjoy a BBQ lunch at the halfway house beginning at noon and a cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres follows at the end of the day.

Graduation and Primary Recognition

The eighth grade graduation and third-year Primary recognition ceremony is held at the completion of the school year. Each year the Middle School graduates choose a virtue to speak about that elicits a character trait that they emulate. The Primary students create “I Am” poems to describe their unique selves. An invitation with details will be emailed prior to the event.

Grandparents’ and Grandfriend’s Day

Grandparents, or a special friend or relative, are invited to a special day at Princeton Montessori School. All Grandparents are invited to a special luncheon.  Grandparents of children in Primary and Elementary will also spend time in their grandchild’s classroom before or after the luncheon.  Grandparents of Infant, Toddler, and Middle School students will not visit the classrooms, but are encouraged to join us for the luncheon. An email reminder will be sent prior to the event.


Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students celebrate Halloween each year. Parents are invited to watch the parade and see the children’s costumes at 8:45 am.  A short sing along for Primary students and parents is held immediately following the parade. Primary parent volunteers are needed to help students remove their costumes. Please contact your child’s teacher if you can assist. Parents of children in all programs may send in treats of a nutritious nature. Toddler
students will not wear costumes.

Holiday Toy Drive

For many years the Princeton Montessori School community has been gathering gifts for less fortunate children and donating them to Toys for Tots. We invite families of children in all programs, Infant through Middle School to donate an unwrapped gift to a child of the same age as your child. This way they can better match the gifts to the ages of the children receiving them. We encourage all families to participate and to consider donating educational gifts such as art supplies, board games and creative toys. The gifts will be collected in the school’s main foyer and picked up by local Marines before winter break.

Holiday Gift Giving

We encourage you to consider giving to the Fund of Knowledge in lieu of teachers’ gifts.  Our goal is to offer teachers professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Attending conferences, workshops, and classes are so important because they keep our teachers growing, challenged and knowledgeable of new educational research and trends.  If you’d like to make a donation in your child’s teacher’s honor please contact the Development Office. We will acknowledge your teacher with a gift card sent to the teacher’s home.

Holiday Giving Line

Garland is hung in the main foyer of the school to form The Giving Line. We invite you and your child to purchase a pair of mittens or a hat to hang on the line. Before the school’s winter break, we meet as a school community to see our combined efforts. Students from the Middle School Community Service class facilitate The Giving Line. The items are delivered to Martin House as our gift to children in need.

Holiday Celebrations

Primary: We encourage families of Primary children to purchase a gift to donate to a child through Toys for Tots in lieu of exchanging a gift with their classmates during the party.

Elementary: Elementary students (Jr. I and II) are asked to bring in a labeled and gift-wrapped paperback book to exchange with their secret pal.  The teachers assign the children secret pals. You may choose to purchase two of the same paperback books and donate one to Martin House or donate an unwrapped educational gift instead.

Middle School: The Middle School students will pick secret pals.  Students will select a gift under $20 for the student whose name he/she drew at school.

All gifts should be wrapped, with the recipient’s name only on it, and brought in one week before winter break, so that we are all ready for the party and no one is forgotten.

Holiday Sing Along

Get into the spirit of the season at the Holiday Sing-Along. Parents are invited to join us for the performances.

Homework Meeting – Junior I

The Junior I teachers will present the expectations, process, and procedures for parents to help set their child up for success in Junior I.  All Junior I parents are expected to attend this meeting in September.

Homework Meeting – Junior II

All Junior II parents are expected to attend the homework meeting in September. The teachers encourage all returning parents to attend to learn about this year’s changes in homework.  Learning about requirements and organizational strategies are of the utmost importance. If you cannot attend, please contact your child’s conference teacher. All parents are invited.

Insight Tours: Next Year and Beyond

To gain insight into your child’s next program you are invited to participate in our two part In-Sight Program. It is designed to give you the information you need to make the best decision about your child’s education. All parents are invited to come experience Princeton Montessori School’s integrated curriculum, small community environment and developmental expertise within each age group and understand how our Montessori students thrive from program to program and grow to their greatest potential.

All parents are invited to come inside the classrooms of a particular program and observe the children learning, creating, and collaborating within their community. Afterwards, a short commentary will help you gain insight into the Montessori philosophy and our approach to education that is program-specific and pertinent to you as a parent of a child moving into that program. Each insight tour will have a Q&A session with a program teacher.

Luncheon – Junior II

Every year, the Junior II class celebrates their final dress up day at a special luncheon.  The purpose of the luncheon is to say goodbye to the students moving on, as well as to acknowledge each student individually.  Throughout the year, Junior II students practice giving compliments to each other for specific things.  Each student writes his/her acknowledgement privately to their helpful friends who have worked together on various projects from weekly classroom cleaning to research reports.  They also write acknowledgements for the children moving to Middle School or to another school.  Not only is this a writing activity, but also a public speaking activity, as each student stands before the group at the podium and reads his/her acknowledgments.

Middle School Parent Communication Meeting

All Middle School parents are expected to attend the Middle School Parent Communication Meeting. Your child has entered a new phase of development. Come learn how the Middle School model is designed to take parents and students to the next level of interaction in communication, goal setting, and responsibilities. Teachers share our model of parent conferences, the scale of parent involvement regarding homework, the process in turning over more reflection and responsibility to your child for learning, planning, organizing, and performing, and the best ways parents and teachers can work together and communicate in supporting your child’s growth in this important stage of development.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers, or a special friend or relative, are invited to a special day at Princeton Montessori School where there will be a luncheon and presentation.  Mothers of children in Primary and Elementary will also spend time in their child’s classroom before or after the luncheon.  Mothers of Infant, Toddler, and Middle School students will not visit the classrooms, but are encouraged to come for the luncheon. An email reminder will be sent prior to the event.

Due to space limitations only one adult per family may attend. 
*Mothers visiting the classrooms in the afternoon may take their children with them at 2:00.

Musical – Junior I

Each year the Junior I students perform an original musical. Every child has a part. There are no lead parts; however, the second year Junior I students have more significant speaking roles.  Each child experiences the many facets of theatre production, including performing on a stage in front of a live audience! Third year Primary students will sing an opening song.

Operetta – Junior II

The Operetta is truly a Montessori adventure because the children are immersed in all aspects of the performance.  The Junior II students experiment and learn about themselves as performers, singers, and dancers.  The process they experience is unique and inspiring, and the exposure to a “professional-like” production is tremendous.  Roles are assigned based on the students’ interest, not purely talent.  Every child is made to feel that they are equally capable of performing on stage.

Junior I through Middle School students’ experience the production of an opera.  Their role in the opera is based on their developmental stage.  The younger children sing an opening song, the Junior II students perform in the Opera, while the Middle School students go behind the scenes to learn and appreciate the important roles of stage management, show production, lighting, costumes, make-up, traffic and more!

Orientation Meeting

Before the start of the school year there is an orientation meeting for parents new-to-school, as well as new-to-program. Meeting begins at 6:30 pm for all parents new to school, and 7:00 pm for all parents new to a program.

Parent Coffees

Parent Coffees are held throughout the year to help parents get involved in the school community. Meet other new parents and find out about Parent Education and Volunteer Opportunities.

Photographs – School Photos

Primary, Elementary, and Middle School children will be photographed by a commercial photographer individually and then with their classes. Pictures will be sent home for you to preview.  You are under no obligation to buy any of these pictures.  All we ask is that you promptly return those that you do not wish to buy.

Infant and Toddler children will be photographed as a class, but not individually.

Potluck Dinner – Middle School

A Potluck Dinner with swimming for Middle School students and parents is held in early September to welcome everyone back. Families will be asked to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert.

Recitals – Piano and Violin

Twice a year the piano and violin students give recitals for their families and friends. There is a winter recital in February and a spring recital in May. This is a chance for the children to perform in front of a live audience and show the results of all their hard work and practice.

School Spirit Day

School Spirit days are held approximately once a month throughout the year to gather the entire school community together. T-shirts with the annual theme will be distributed to all students at the beginning of September. Students who wear their school spirit shirts are entered into a drawing for a special treat. The drawing is made twice a year for students from each program.  Don’t forget to wear any Princeton Montessori School shirt and show your school spirit on School Spirit Day! Each month a different program hosts the School Spirit Day. Parents of children who are hosting are invited to attend.

Ski Trip – Middle School

Each year the Middle School students take an overnight ski trip to Camelback Mountain in the Poconos.

Ski Trip – Elementary

Each year, three ski trips are planned for the Junior I and Junior II students to Shawnee Mountain in Shawnee, Pennsylvania. Students are grouped by ability in the Shawnee Ski Wee program, which includes instruction, practice, inside ski activities, and snack.

Sing Along – Infant, Toddler and Primary

Infant, Toddler and Primary children, along with their parents, are invited to several Sing-Alongs throughout the year. Parents are invited to stay for coffee and to meet other parents immediately following the sing along.

Symposium – Middle School

Each year the third year Middle School students take a week-long trip. The students share their trip experiences with their families at the Middle School Symposium.  They present a slide-show detailing their trip along with a fun skit.  Immediately following the presentation, the destination for next year’s trip is announced.

Valentines Day

Toddler Students: Teachers will recognize Valentine’s Day during the children’s snack time.  There will not be a valentine exchange in the Toddler program.

Primary Students: Children should bring in one handmade Valentine card for reading at the Valentine’s Day celebration.  The Valentine should express the child’s feelings of love for his/her family, school, teachers, animals or friends, etc.  Valentines for particular friends can be sent from home separate from school activities.  Our celebration will consist of sharing healthy treats and reading of the children’s Valentines. Special nutritious treats are welcome.

Junior I Students: Each child is invited to exchange Valentine cards, either handmade or purchased, with their homeroom grouping.  Special nutritious treats are welcome.

Junior II Students: The Junior II students will make a Valentine for a family member and enjoy crafts with their friends.

Middle School Students: Middle School will not have a Valentine’s Day celebration.  Instead, there will be a student presentation on the origin of Valentine’s Day.  Middle School students should not bring Valentine’s Day cards to school.