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As we embark on the 2014-15 Want-n-Wishes Campaign, we are asking each member of our community to participate. Each gift, no matter how large or small, makes a difference and is appreciated.  We promise you — all donations really do make a difference in the lives of children and faculty here at Princeton Montessori School.

We rely on donations from Trustees, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Grandparents and Friends to support the necessary enhancements that keep Princeton Montessori School progressive and make it a very special place for children. Campaign funds are used for classroom materials and program enhancements, professional development for our exceptional faculty, and sustaining our beautiful environments .


Some have asked if we have special requests from teachers. The answer is yes!  Requests for materials or program opportunities are included in the  “Wants-n-Wishes” Campaign wish list  each year. These are items that either directly enhance the children’s experience or give support to the teachers in being able to be efficient and effective in their care of the students, and are not included in our budget.  Unrestricted gifts to the Wants-n-Wishes Campaign are used to fund these requests.