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Help us surpass our goal of $150,000!

Currently, gifts to this year’s Wants-n-Wishes Campaign total $137,280.


Thank you to our 2013-14 Donors. We are grateful!

Founders Club $20,000+

Drs. Sean and Cecilia Feiler
Lee and Marjorie Maschler

Leaders Club $10,000-19,999

Fang Chen and Yanni Zhao
Rita Zetterberg and James D. Kaplan
Joshua Kulkin and Christina Kirby

Pacesetters Club $5,000-9,999

Peter and Mary Ellen Egbert
Deborah and Jim Peters

Cornerstone Club $2,500-4,999

Lee and Nigel Gardner
Livingston & Maria Johnson*
Supriya & Amit Karande
Koyluoglu Family
Joe and Marsha Stencel*

Patrons Club $1,000-2,499

Cindy and Peter Betz*
Rita & Tom Brenner
Michael Burns
Bethanne Byrne*
John and Lori-Ann Cibbarelli
Thomas and Ginny Cusack
Erin Enright & Stuart Essig
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Evans*
Joe Hargrove & Carla Servin
Taylor Hwong & Jessica Koster
Corrington and Bea Hwong
Andrea and Chris Mecray
The OBrian Family*
The Saltarelli Family
The Song Family
To & Anthony Chell
Jill and Gary Turndorf

Innovators Club $500-999

Kald Abdallah & Sibele Ferreira
John & Tracy Ashcroft
Adrian and Amy Banner
Eugene and Roxanna Choe
Melissa and Lee Davis
Banu Eser*
Patricia and Jon Hlafter
Anton & Sally Kuppek
Rob and Kathy Marmion*
Ken and Tamsen Meehan
Michelle Morrison
Linda and Dustin Moskowitz
Vinay & Swati Navani
Susana Choi-Shields & Kristoffer Shields
Matt Stencel*
John Weihe & Hui Cao
Ann Wilson*


Creators Club $300-499

Bing Bai & Yihua Wu
Parents of Saanvi Bhaskar
The Benedettis
Anita Canzano*
Anita Chatterjee
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Clarke*
Parents of Miles and Jack Giblin
B. Eliza Hammer*
Michelle Jacob*
Anjum Khan*
John Kalpin*
Anthony & Leslie Magliaro*
Courtney and Tomas Manning
Lisa L. Meisenbacher*
Gary and Germine Mohamad
Stephanie Petrelis*
Tori Pinciotti*
Charles & Zsuzsanna Ratkay*
James and Nili Schnitzer
Ayla Sen*
Larry and Joyce Tatsch*
Judy Townsend
Lew Wein*
Drs. Alexander and Natasha Wolfson
Qi Yan and Li Ye

Sustainers Club $100-299

The Amon Family
Elizabeth Szpiek Bremser
Bozena and Goran Blix
Jessie Briar*
Chris & Kathy Chrzan*
Pilar Daly*
Yuan & Tony Fang
Sandra Forero
Gia Fruscione & Craig Loizides
Christine Garcia and Aaron Freedman
Pat Hansen
Dave and Barb Hart*
Joanne Hartnack*
Mr. Franjo Ivancic and
Mrs. Jaya Balasubramaniam
Liliana and Guenter Janhofer
Damon & Maritza Koslow
Elena Kurnov
Lawrence Lai and Jipan Xie
Carol Y. Lawton
Chunmei Li & Qing Cao
Derry Light-Wills*
Chandrika Lucki
Curtis May & Mary Reuter-May*
Katie McDonnell-Manson
Frank and Sheila McLaughlin
Maryann and Charles Post
Sweta and Shashi Prasad
The Priestley Family
Aparna Anand & Anand Ramaswamy
Willie Rosso and Jennifer Weiss-Rosso
Steve, Lisa and Zachary Schorr
The Shea-Norton Family
Laura Shepherd
Rimma Skvortsova*
Phillip and Erin Soccio
Arthur and Cathleen Soundy*
Ms. Anthea Spencer
Steven* & Kathleen Spinner
Karen Spring*
Dick and Sue Steidel
Lisa Stolzer*
William Takeuchi & Jennifer Shin
Paul and Carrie Teti
Ning Yang

Contributors Club – up to $99

John Altman
The Burnfields
Nicole Cannon*(Kaduson)
Kelly Glenfield*
Teresa Hartmann*
Tessa Hessmiller*
Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges and Jonathan Hodges
The Hotchkiss Family*
Beth and Craig Kennedy
Daniel Marmion*
Dr. Xan Nowakowski*
Alona Procaccini*
Shabnam Salih
Eric and Diana Seiler
Kathleen and David Sellers*
Mr. & Mrs. Shaffner
Vikram singh
The Soto-Medina Family*
Ms. Lisa Stolzer*
Mr. Gary Vona
Matt Weber*

Current Students &
Young Alumni

Emma Byrne
Andre Biehl
Tuva Carell
Rebecca P. Cibbarelli
Kelly Hart
Caroline Hartnack
Andrew Gardner
Chris Gardner
Michael Jacob
Valerie Kuppek
Austin Kuppek
Caleb Light-Wills
Angelina Lui
Ellie O’Brian
J.D. Peters
Curran Prasad
Harold Scheeren
Hugo Scheeren
Carolina Soto
Isabel Soto
Patrick Soundy
Lindsay Spring
Dylan Torrance
Sophia Torrance
Emma Zetterberg
Paul Zetterberg

Matching Gifts

AT&T Foundation
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Broadridge Financial Solutions
Exxon Mobil
GE Capital
Prudential Insurance Co.
Schroders Investment Mgmt N.A.
U.S. Bancorp

* Faculty/staff and alumni donations have been matched by an anonymous donor.