Our Staff


The Princeton Center Teacher Education is governed by the Princeton Montessori Society Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has appointed the following people who are responsible for the administration and educational quality of PCTE programs.

Director of Princeton Center Teacher Education
Ann Wilson (2006) earned a BA in Geography and Sociology from the University of North Alabama, AL. She holds an American Montessori Society credential at the Elementary I level through the Houston Montessori Training Center, TX, and Elementary II level through the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, MD.  Ann also holds a Level I credential in Montessori Applied to Children At Risk for Learning Differences (MACAR) through the Shelton School in Dallas, TX. She brings many years of experience from both private and public schools as a teacher, Head of School, Principal of a Charter School and Montessori instructor.  She has served on accreditation teams for Middle States Association and AMS as well as task forces associated with the Massachusetts Department of Education.  Ann is actively involved in the partnership between the Princeton Montessori Society and the Ukrainian Department of Education.  She oversees Parent Education and Staff Development.  She is currently the president of New Jersey Montessori Association Corporation, a Montessori administrator’s organization, and an elementary representative of AMS Teacher Education Action Commission.

Executive Director
Michelle Morrison (1990) brings over twenty years of teaching at the elementary and middle school levels to this role as well as faculty mentor and parent educator. Michelle holds three American Montessori Credentials: Elementary I, Elementary II, and Secondary I and is completing the PCTE Montessori Leadership course. She earned a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Arts in Teaching from College of New Jersey.

School and PCTE Administrative Assistant
Banu Eser (1998) is a native of Ankara, Turkey. Prior to joining Princeton Montessori School she had business experience in bookkeeping. Banu is the Administrative Assistant for the School Services and PCTE programs.

Faculty and Staff

Judy Bauerlein M.Ed., is an AMS certified Early Childhood and Elementary Montessori teacher working in the Elementary programs in San Mateo, California. She is an AMS consultant and workshop presenter. Her experience as a teacher trainer on the Elementary level covers over 20 years. Judy teaches in the PCTE Elementary programs.

Rita Brenner holds a BA in Spanish from Hunter College, NY, and holds an American Montessori Society credential in Infant/Toddler from MECA, IL. She is active in the Ukraine Montessori project and hosts the Ukrainian teachers each year. She is an instructor and site consultant for the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ. Rita’s many years of experience are shared with others as a speaker and lecturer for teachers and parents throughout the country.

Lynn Crow received a BA in History from Hartwick College, NY and has completed graduate work in Elementary and Early Childhood Education at SUNY/Oneonta. Lynn received an American Montessori credential in Early Childhood from the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE). She is certified by the State of New Jersey in Elementary Education (K-5). Lynn has 28 years of teaching experience. She is both a PCTE instructor and field consultant.

Ginny Cusack holds an MA from the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, NJ and a BS in Education from Alverno College, WI. Ginny is a New Jersey state certified teacher and received an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) credential. She has had experience as a teacher, an administrator, a founder of a Montessori School, a lecturer and a parent education specialist in both public and independent schools. She has achieved national recognition for her work in the development of the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) programs, which is accredited by Montessori Accreditation Commission Teacher Education (MACTE) and affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS). Upon completion of courses and requirements Ginny was awarded a Leadership Coaching certificate from Georgetown University in 2010.

Christine Frost M.A., is an AMS certified Montessori teacher for the Infant and Toddler level and the Early Childhood (3-6) level. Christine, teaught at the Albrook School in Basking Ridge, NJ.  She brings a varied background to her students because of her many years of experience in both the Primary and the Toddler classroom. Christine teaches in the PCTE Early Childhood and Infant and Toddler programs.

Lorraine Gahles-Kildow Ph.D., specializes in clinical behavior analysis, cognitive behavior therapy and psycho-educational training for individuals, groups, agencies, and schools. Dr. Gahles-Kildow has many years experience working as a college adjunct professor teaching general psychology, developmental psychology, and psychology in business and industry. Dr. Gahles-Kildow teaches in the PCTE Infant and Toddler and Elementary programs.

Huma Kazmi (2005) received a BS degree in Chemistry with honors from the University of London, England. Prior to education, she worked in Business Development and Marketing. She earned an American Montessori Society credential in Elementary I-II and is an instructor with Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

Judy Laidlaw B.A., is a certified AMS Early Childhood teacher. She presently teaches at the Albrook School in the Early Childhood program. Judy has many years experience teaching in both public and private school settings in reading and the humanities. Judy teaches language and art in the Early Childhood PCTE program.

Lisa Lalama holds a BAAS in Sociology and is AMS 6-12 credentialed.  She is an Elementary II lead teacher and program coordinator at Wilmington Montessori School in Wilmington, DE and is also a certified graduate of the Schools Attuned Program, by Mel Levine. She is a PCTE instructor at the Elementary I and II levels.

Rosann Larrow M.A., is an AMS certified Early Childhood and Elementary I and II Montessori teacher. Rosann is a Montessori intern coordinator and presents workshops and training presentations in Korea and many other parts of the United States. Rosann teaches in the PCTE Elementary programs.

Sally Luke holds a BA in History and English from Rutgers University, NJ. She received her American Montessori Society credentials in Early Childhood and Elementary I through the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.  She is certified by the State of New Jersey in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language..

Katie McDonnell-Manson has an AMS credential in InfantToddler (PCTE) Early Childhood and Elementary I. Her 23 years of experience have taken her to many parts of the world, teaching both adults and children. She is a Toddler teacher at Santa Cruz Montessori School and a Montessori instructor for the San Francisco Bay Area Teacher Education Center, concentrating in Practical Life, Sensorial, and English as a second language. Katie translated into English Dr. Montessori’s book “Psychic Geometry”. She is the PCTE instructor for Early Childhood Geography and Infant/Toddler Music and Movement.

Alexander Mitnick graduated with honors with a BA in Jazz Guitar from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He has created numerous original school musicals with the elementary and middle school students. Each year Alex writes and composes a song in keeping with the School theme.  His music focuses on self-awareness and an appreciation of the world around us.   He has produced two CD’s called Kaleidoscope Songs I and II, (http://www.kaleidoscopesongs.com.)  He belongs to a variety of musical groups that perform for audiences in NJ, NY, and PA. He presents to schools, and teachers, and is an instructor for the Princeton Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

Vandana Monteiro holds an MBA with specialization in Hu- man Resources and a BS in Environmental Science from St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration, India. She holds an American Montessori Society credential in Infant/Toddler through the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE).

Jennifer Morgan is the award-winning author of Universe Story Trilogy, Born With a Bang, From Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph. She gives school programs for students, teachers and parents on the Montessori Cosmic Education Curriculum includ- ing dramatic telling of the universe story. She has an MBA from Rutgers University and graduated cum laude from University of San Francisco with a BA in Theology. Ms. Morgan serves on several environmental and agricultural boards in the Princeton, New Jersey area.

Erika Ohlhaver received her M.A. Ed in Elementary Educa- tion from Central State University after complet- ing her B.A in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma City University. She holds AMS Montessori Credentials in the Early Childhood, Elementary I and Elementary II levels. She began her teaching career in 1979 and in 1992 became a Teacher Educator. Most recently she established and became president of Educational Training and Consulting (ETC.)

Kathleen Sellers holds a graduate level teacher’s certification and a BA in English Literature from Rider University, NJ. She holds a NJ certificate in Elementary Education as well as an American Montessori Society credential in Elementary I and Elementary II through the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

Ayla Sen received a BS in Philosophy and Pedagogy from the University of Ankara, Turkey. She holds an American Montessori Society Early Childhood credential through Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.  Ayla is an instructor in several PCTE courses, a teacher training field consultant, and a Public Relations representative for PCTE.

Gwen Shangle earned a M.Ed. in Reading from the College of New Jersey and a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education from Georgian Court College, NJ. She is certified by the State of New Jersey as a Reading Specialist for Kindergarten-Eighth grade. She holds an American Montessori Society credential in Elementary I through Seacoast Teacher Education, MA, and in Elementary II through the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.  Gwen is an instructor, field consultant for PCTE and a frequent presenter for parents and experienced teachers.

Sherry L. Schweighardt, M.A., is a physical education specialist and a doctoral student in Kinesiology and Applied Behavior Analysis at Temple University. She is a Graduate Teaching Fellow of the University and a U.S. Forest Service Sustainability Science Fellow. Sherry holds teaching certificates in elementary and higher education, along with coaching certifications in multiple sports. She is an experienced teacher and teacher educator and a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences; she also consults with schools and community organizations.

Susan Steidel B.S. is an AMS certified Early Childhood and Elementary I and II Montessori teacher. Susan has many years teaching experience in public and independent Montessori schools. Susan is an instructor in the PCTE Elementary and Early Childhood programs.

Marsha Stencel  (1977) holds an MA in Supervision and Curriculum from Wright State University, OH, and a BS with a specialization in Special Education from Vanderbilt University, TN. She holds an American Montessori Society (AMS) credential in Early Childhood through MECA-Seton, IL. She is certified by the State of New Jersey to teach Special Education K-12. Her teaching experience includes Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Levels. She is a Commissioner of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA-CES) and an American Montessori Society Commissioner for School Accreditation. She served on the board of the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS). She volunteers time to the Ukrainian Project to develop a viable Montessori system of education in Ukraine.

Joyce Tatsch earned a BA in Elementary Education from the College of New Jersey. She received an American Montessori Society credential in Early Childhood through CMTE in New Rochelle, NY. Joyce was an Early Childhood teacher at the Princeton Montessori School for 26 years. Joyce is the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) Educational Coordinator, Field Consultant Coordinator and serves as a Field Consultant and PCTE Instructor for Practical Life.