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Montessori Classroom Assistants, Parents, Educators, Childcare Providers, Grandparents

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Montessori Philosophy

Course Description:

The Montessori philosophy is to impart knowledge and provide opportunities for children to learn life skills, which together support the development of the whole person and provide the foundation for purposeful, responsible and fulfilling lives. This class is based on the principles of the Montessor method as found in the primary works of Maria Montessori and various contemporary authors. Topics covered are the study of Dr. Montessori’s life, development of the Montessori method; preparation of an environment; observation; role of the adult; nature of the child; discipline, spiritual preparation and personal development of the teacher; and Montessori child care and its historical foundations. Montessori principles will be overviewed by developmental stages.

These classes will be instructed by faculty members of the Princeton Center for Teacher Education and the Princeton Montessori School. The faculty is AMS certified.

Child Development

Course Description:
Come and learn the basic theories of child development according to the
major contemporary child developmentalists. You will examine the social,
emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of the child. The
course is presented through lecture, videos, and class discussions.