The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Masters of Art in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education (3 – 9 year olds) with an emphasis on Montessori education is a unique program designed for teachers who have their Montessori credential from the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) either in the AMS Early Childhood Full Credential or Elementary I (6–9 year olds) Full Credential tracks or are in the process of completing the requirements for those credentials.The AMS Early Childhood and Elementary Full Credentials will apply 18 credits toward a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in early childhood education (3 years – 9 years). The program will provide graduate course work in early childhood education, which will culminate in P-3 Certification and a master’s degree. The courses offered by TCNJ are designed to broaden and extend the candidate’s mastery of the early childhood field and will be offered in a variety of formats to meet the candidate’s needs.

Program of Study

Course of Study at TCNJ:

  • ECED 504/Teaching Young Children: Creating and Sustaining Classroom Communities (3 cr.)
  • ECED 560/Curriculum Experiences for Young Children in the Inclusive Classroom (3 cr.)
  • ECED 620/Multicultural and Social Foundations of Emergent and Early Literacy (3 cr.)
  • EDUC 513/Collaboration, Consultation and Partnerships (3 cr.)
  • EDFN 508/Research Methods (3 cr.)
  • ECED 687/Faculty/Student Research (3 cr.) [This course counts for the culminating experience of
  • the MAT] and two additional class meetings taken at TCNJ during the spring semester
  • Total credits taken at TCNJ: 18

The following courses at TCNJ are covered through the PCTE program:

  • ECED 640/Development and Learning of the Young Child (4 cr.)
  • MATH 596/Concepts and Methods of Teaching Math in Elementary Grades (3 cr.)
  • EDUC 615/Capstone Seminar (0 cr.)
  • EDUC 694/Internship I (3 cr.)
  • ECED 695/Internship II (6 cr.)
  • ELEM 690/Student Teaching Seminar (2 cr.)
  • Total credits taken at PCTE: 18

TCNJ Enrollment requirements

  • Completion of TCNJ Graduate Application
  • BA or BS or its equivalent GPA of 2.75 or higher in the undergraduate degree
  • Official transcripts (If degree is from a non-US institution, evaluation of credential from agency such as NACES or WES is required)
  • AMS transcript: Please contact AMS Headquarters to request transcript
  • Prior to AMS Credential: A Letter of Anticipation from Ms. Gwen Shangle, Director, Princeton Center Teacher Education, can be submitted to TCNJ in place of the AMS Credential

Exchange Fee and Tuition

  • Exchange Fee: TCNJ will exchange 18 credit hours for AMS Early Childhood or Elementary credential earned through PCTE. The charge for this transfer is $125.00 per credit hour.
  • TCNJ current Tuition rates


When 10 or more students are enrolled, classes will be held the Princeton Montessori School, 487 Cherry Valley Road, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540.  When enrollment is less than 10 classes are held on TCNJ’s campus.


TCNJ Contacts for enrollment information

Dr. Jody Eberly,, 609.771.2727        Dr. Arti Joshi,, 609.771.2419

PCTE Contact for further information

Ms. Gwen Shangle, Director, Princeton Center Teacher Education,, 609.924.4594 Extension 247