Lower and Upper Elementary (grades 1-5)

Montessori: The Elementary Years from American Montessori Society on Vimeo.


 The Elementary program is about the emergence of the individual, and is also about individuals learning to work in harmony with, and be celebrated by, the group.

The multiage classroom groupings encompass first through fifth grades in an atmosphere of cooperative learning. It is an intellectually challenging program for even the most able students. The program and the teachers accommodate varying learning styles and paces, while working to ensure ultimate mastery of the concepts by each student.

The Elementary classroom is an exciting place to learn. At any given time, a visiting parent might see children building time lines, recording science experiments, writing book reports and compositions, gathering data on the Internet, administering spelling tests to one another, or solving mathematical problems.

Elementary and Middle School Admission Process

“My concern for my son being in a very small class was allayed and that environment is the best place for him to thrive as a student and young man. I love the emphasis on the child – learning to be their own advocate, learning how to positively deal with conflict (a few TV shows could learn that as well!) as well as learning necessary study skills, etc… and that a small environment did not have a negative effect on their endeavors into high school but only enhanced it.” — Coleen Aker, Current Parent