We are all passengers on this flight to a better future for the planet, and ourselves.

Environment and Sustainability

Founding Members:

Project Manager – Adhya 

Writers – Sawyer and Katherine

Researchers/Advisors – Connor and Karl

Our Commitment to Practicing Environmental Sustainability

We aim to educate the students and adults about the environment, increase eco-friendly practices on campus, and support our local biodiversity. We are working with the Green Team in hopes to convince parents/adults to switch to solar energy. Overall, we want to spread awareness about various causes and help our environment. 

Groups and Projects


Zarah, Desmond, Luke, and Khloe are working on designing and building a rain garden. A rain garden is a garden that contains plants that readily absorb large amounts of water. The rain garden would help to reduce the amount of water pushed into the sewer system during rainstorms. “We are making a rain garden,” says Luke Davis, head assistant of the rain garden “and nothing is going to stop us. Not even the rain.”


Sabi, Sadie, Mia, and Zidaan are the Green Team! The Green Team is in charge of what our school and our programs are doing to solve the economic problems in an eco-friendly way. “Our first objective is to reinstate an effective composting system, throughout the campus, by June 2022.” shared Mia Monteiro, president of the green team. They have been talking with the head of the school and the school administration about restarting composting. They plan to propose their plan to HOS by March 25th. 


Anamitra, Ryan, and Nico are in charge of political activism. This group works towards causing a difference in our community. “We think that we need our environment more than it needs us, so we should take good care of it,” shared Anamitra Abi, the group’s site manager. 


Fred, Anne-Catherine, Eddie, and Nicky are in charge of designing and creating a chicken coop for our school. This chicken coop would provide a new way to dispose of food waste, create fresh eggs for the school to use, and make countless educational experiences possible. “We believe that chickens will benefit not only our school but our environment as well,” says Fred Sullivan, the project manager.


Kim, Vinay, and Grant are  3 middle school students who have volunteered to work to increase recycling efforts on campus. They are determining where recycling bins should be placed or moved while also adding signs to each bin to make recycling easier for even our youngest students. “Recycling is very important, and we feel that we should all work harder to save the environment,” says Grant Berness, one of the three heads of the recycling team.

What Can You Do?

  • Have zero waste after your meals or save as leftovers
  • Start recycling ( if you haven’t already)
  • Implement solar panels/use sustainable energy
  • Use reusable alternatives
  • Go plastic-free
  • Be against products that endanger the environment and/or wildlife
  • Invest in renewable water bottles
  • Be mindful of your food
  • Keep tabs on the usage of your device
  • Reduce paper towel and paper napkin usage

Our Work Ahead

As we continue to make progress on our Environmental Sustainability goals, we seek to engage the community in meaningful discussion and welcome input from students, teachers and members of our community.

What Princeton Montessori School is Doing

At Princeton Montessori School, we understand the importance of the environment. We work hard to educate students about the environment, increase eco-friendly practices on campus, and support local biodiversity. Learning about the environment is the first step in saving the planet. Princeton Montessori School is switching our energy source to solar panels to prevent climate change and we are encouraging others to do this as well. Our school is also increasing biodiversity and spreading awareness through a variety of projects and working within the school and with other communities. 

What Middle School is Doing

The Middle School Program is working by groups on a variety of projects to help our school and the environment. Our Middle School community is working and collaborating  with other classes within the school, encouraging students to become more involved in our mission which is to create an eco-friendly environment. By working together we can achieve a similar goal and in the end our objective is to complete our mission.