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Three-Year Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Overview

Princeton Montessori School is a prestigious educational institution with fifty years of service to the greater Princeton area and is home to the renowned Princeton Center for Teacher Education, which ensures the strictest adherence to American Montessori Society standards for our school.  Princeton Montessori is an authentic Montessori institution, true to the values and mission of a Montessori education and 21st century best practices of education.  The school offers education and care for children from infant through eighth grade.

Princeton Montessori School is dedicated to developing passion and nurturing the potential in each child, through the values and principles of the Montessori philosophy.  We promote intrinsic motivation, independence, social responsibility, and a love of learning so that as global citizens, our students can lead fulfilling lives and work to better the world.

The highly trained and dedicated faculty and staff of Princeton Montessori School value their strong connection with families and work together to make the school a true support system for both students and parents.  In addition, the school is governed by a Board of Trustees committed to the highest ethical standards in serving the financial and strategic interests of the school. Princeton Montessori School is proud of its work on behalf of the families it serves.

VISION: As we look to the future of the school, we envision a thriving, accessible, and diverse institution that is exceptional, progressive, environmentally friendly; and grounded in the philosophy of Montessori and best educational practices. Our future community of learners and their parents will be connected, equally dedicated, and supportive of the organization and its constituents. The strategic work we do in the coming years will be to this end.

Strategic Goals and Three-Year Outcomes

Ensure all programs have healthy enrollment and offer the highest quality education by incorporating research-based, 21st Century best practices in keeping with American Montessori Society standards; and provide measures on student outcomes.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Increased Innovation – Continue to seek and implement innovative improvements for our school that aid teachers in delivering an exceptional education. Implement measurable, targeted professional development tied to meeting these goals.
  • Quality Assurance Communication – Establish curriculum benchmarks and educational screenings to ensure both a transparent academic structure and proper student learning intervention when needed. Maintain exceptional parent and student support in all areas of student progress and in the transition process to high school.
  • Full Enrollment – Build and maintain healthy enrollment in our School, across programs.

Attract, retain, and develop an outstanding, compassionate, and diverse faculty who embody a growth-mindset, are committed to our organizational goals, and work in alignment with the administration to ensure excellence in education and strong relationships with families.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Accountability Measures – Consistent and effective adherence to new annual progress reporting, holding each accountable to set and reach milestones aligned with organizational goals. A structure of observations and supports from Coordinator, Director of Education, and Head of School.
  • Clear & Competitive Compensation – Streamline our faculty compensation model to make further strides in ensuring a fair, competitive, and transparent structure based on the degree of contribution to the School, degree of training and qualifications, and years of service.
  • Exceptional Staffing – Retention of those who consistently meet the high standards of the school, and staffing that meets or exceeds American Montessori Society requirements for the teacher to student ratio at each program level.

Strengthen our financial platform to best serve the school’s mission, values, and long-term sustainability.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Expense Model – Maintain a three- to five-year sustainable operational expense model for multiple scenarios.
  • Tuition & Retention Model – Formulate a long-term tuition and retention model that allows us to build and sustain healthy enrollment while maintaining a generous tuition assistance program.
  • Data-Driven Action – Stay ahead of market trends by using industry data on independent schools, which take into account economic factors, and regional variables.

Ensure parents have a solid understanding and an appreciation of how a Princeton Montessori School education meets and exceeds academic standards while incorporating life skills that serve children as they reach adulthood. Communication models and parent offerings will aid in building community involvement and school appreciation.

Three-Year Outcomes

  1. Increased Knowledge and Appreciation – Parents understand and embrace the principles of a Montessori education and trust the school to deliver exceptional preparation to their children for higher education and adulthood.

  2. Increased Parent Participation – Strong and sustainable parent involvement in the school and attendance at school events, including Parent Association participation.

  3. Effective Communication – A model of communication that meets parent needs in medium, frequency, and information.

  4. Strong Relationships – Consistently strong relationships are cultivated with alumni and current and past parents.

Leverage relationships with outside service organizations to increase educational offerings and create broader community awareness and support of the school.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Local Relationships – Mutually beneficial relationships are made with local institutions that could enhance our educational and extracurricular resources and offerings.
  • Montessori Relationships – Relationships are strengthened with other Montessori and independent schools in our area for educational and extra-curricular collaboration, and to build awareness of our school.
  • Community Give Back – Annual educational or festive events are held on site and are open to the public as a gesture of goodwill to the community and to raise awareness of the school.

Maximize the potential of the school’s beautiful grounds and state-of-the-art facility for student-learning purposes. Promote this aspect to seek other revenue sources for the school by engaging mission-friendly organizations across the greater community. Ensure the facility is maintained and improved upon for long-term sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Maximize our Campus – Use and promote our grounds as one of our key assets as a school.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Achieve more environmentally-friendly operations of our facility.
  • Revenue-Generating Alliances – Maximize use of the grounds and facility by the greater community.

Effectively convey the attributes and advantages of a Princeton Montessori School education to current and prospective families.

Three-Year Outcomes:

  • Strong Reputation – Exceptional reputation for all program levels according to the Montessori philosophy.
  • Brand Awareness – Visible and consistently present in the community.
  • Effective Marketing – Effective execution of marketing dollars through the savvy selection of media placement.

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The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood.

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