8 weeks up to 22 months

Imagine out-of-home care for your infant that you can view as positive and progressive, rather than a drawback in today’s society. We did, and we set out to achieve it.

A national and international model for early childhood learning is premised on the observation that though children are small in stature they are immense in mental ability and eager to use it. They also have tremendous physical abilities given the appropriate setting.

Studies have repeatedly shown a direct correlation between physical development and mental development. As a result of these observations, we have created a beautiful, sunlit, spacious environment that is custom designed for infants, utterly safe, and alive with responsiveness to their explorations. Within this safe harbor, they enjoy freedom of movement to discover and interact, all the while developing gross motor skills like grasping, reaching, and climbing.

Our teachers are American Montessori Society (AMS) certified Infant and Toddler professionals, with an in-depth understanding of the young child’s needs and development. One of the most delightful and memorable aspects of the Infant program is the detailed observational notes the teachers make on each infant to share with the parents. Close communications between parent and teacher is a cornerstone principle we embrace.

Language development is an integral part of the Infant program. A teacher’s role is to consciously introduce language through the use of words, inflection, tone, and body language. Infants gather their first understanding of the world, and thrive, through this interaction. Finally, we create a warm, nurturing, and loving atmosphere that surrounds the infants and is essential to their development. We treat them with respect in every encounter. Sometimes we just get out of their way as they take their first exploratory steps down their own natural road of development.

Infant and Toddler Admission Process