Educational Requirements of Applicants

Infant and Toddler
The minimum educational achievement level accepted for entrance into the Infant and Toddler program is a high school diploma, verified by an official transcript.

Early Childhood
The minimum educational achievement level accepted for entrance into the Early Childhood program is a high school diploma, verified by an official transcript.

Candidates for the Elementary I and II Program must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, verified by an official transcript. An early childhood prerequisite course is required, if the candidate does not already hold an Early Childhood Credential.

Acceptance of College Credits
College credits are recognized if earned at institutions listed in the U.S. Department of Education Directory of Higher Education and verified by official transcript.

College Equivalence
Credit for work experience or educational coursework at an institution located outside the United States may be accepted only if the applicant has had certification of the credits by an approved institution of higher education in the United States.

Transfer Students
Students transferring from another Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) accredited course may transfer to PCTE after a review of the courses taken and evaluation of the student’s work. Then, at the discretion of the course director, students will be accepted in partial fulfillment of the course requirements, for a maximum of one third (1/3) of the academic clock hours of the course. Evaluation includes assessment of transcripts, previous work, written or oral exams, and demonstration of competencies. PCTE follows the American Montessori Society standards concerning the amount of credit given for previous training.

English Language
Students must be able to speak, read and write English. Proficiency in speaking is determined during the application interview. Proficiency in reading and writing is determined through a writing sample given at this time.

Students who do not meet the above Admissions Requirements will be counseled in ways to work towards the Admission requirements.


Application and Fee
The applicant completes the application. A nonrefundable fee is sent with the application. Refer to the current fee schedule. Registration deadline is May 1. Students registering after May 1 pay a late registration fee. A discount is granted to applicants who apply before May 1.

The applicant notifies his/her college or university to send two sets of official transcripts to the Princeton Center Teacher Education.

Letters of Recommendation
The applicant submits three letters of recommendation from people who know the applicant personally or through employment.

A personal interview in person, or on the phone in special cases, is scheduled with a PCTE representative.

The applicant’s qualifications and suitability are determined on the basis of the written application, writing sample, previous academic record, and interview. When all required information has been received, a final review is made. The applicant is notified via e-mail regarding his/her acceptance into the training program.

Program capacity
Each program will enroll up to a maximum of 50 students during one training cycle. Applications for a particular course cycle are accepted up to the first day of the classes. However, students are advised to enroll well before this date, and should allow no less than 30 days for completion of the application process and the preparation requirements.