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Meet the School Administration
Admissions Director

Tracey Baskin

Tracey Baskin joined Princeton Montessori School in 2017 and is currently responsible for coordinating the school’s admissions process with families.

Tracey brings a passion for the Montessori philosophy having experienced it as a student and now as a parent. She is thrilled to lead Admissions, helping parents discover a Montessori education and building strong partnerships with families. When not at school, Tracey enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Tracey holds an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Monmouth University, NJ and a BA in Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College, PA. She has competed the Montessori philosophy course through PCTE and is currently pursuing a certification in Admissions and Enrollment Management through AISAP.

Student & Faculty Services Coordinator

Jennifer Christiano-Boyle

Jennifer Christiano-Boyle joined Princeton Montessori in 2014 and currently leads the management and coordination of all student and faculty services for the school.

Jennifer's work includes supporting teachers in obtaining resources needed to meet the needs of students as well as being a liaison for Dr. Noble's team and other service providers. She also administers reading screenings for all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade and is looking forward to maintaining a connection with all students.

Outside of the classroom, Jennifer enjoys reading, hiking, running, and visiting the beach. She loves to see and experience the world around her, and she aspires to travel the globe.

Jennifer is a doctoral candidate for an Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership through Rutgers University. She earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching & a BS in Early Childhood Education & Psychology from The College of New Jersey. She is certified by the state of New Jersey to teach Early Childhood (P-3), Elementary Education (K-5), and Students with Disabilities. Jennifer also holds an American Montessori Society credential in Elementary I through the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

Director of Finance and Administration

Betty M. Chin

Betty Chin joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 and is currently responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business, finance and human resource needs of the Society, as well as overseeing the school’s physical infrastructure and maintenance.

Betty has extensive knowledge working for non-profits and expertise in accounting, finance, and business administration. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accountancy from Baruch College, CUNY and stays up to date with the latest trends and technologies in accounting and business administration.

Betty and her husband are proud parents to two lovely daughters. She enjoys walks, cookouts, and spending time with her family and friends. In her downtime, Betty enjoys reading, taking in nature, and doing craft projects.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting from Baruch College, CUNY, and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in accounting and business administration.

Business Associate

Bushra Chohan

Bushra Chohan joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 as a Business Associate.

Bushra has experience in purchasing and accounting. She handles purchasing and accounts receivable, at the school and works closely with the business office.

In her free time, she likes to paint, exercise, go hiking, and spend time with her family.

She has an Associate's Degree in Accounting/Business Administration from Montgomery Community College.

Administrative Assistant

Sonya Cotton

Sonya Cotton joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 as an Administrative Assistant.

Sonya brings her love of community to her role in the administration at the Princeton Montessori School. She finds great satisfaction in helping systems run more smoothly, and helping people navigate those systems with as much ease as possible.

Sonya loves to make things with her hands. Over the years this has taken the form of drawing, painting, and ceramics, but her current love is fabric arts/quilting. She is also a musician who has released 7 albums in total. She loves spending time with her friends and family, and swimming in natural bodies of water.

Sonya holds a BA from Vassar College, major: Studio Art.

PCTE Programs Associate

Lori Evans

Lori Evans joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 and is the PCTE Associate, supporting PCTE and the adult learners, and a teacher in the Primary Program.

Lori brings vast Montessori experience as a lead teacher in both Toddler and Primary classrooms. She treasures working with children during their early years of life to witness and support their tremendous growth and development. Lori is also passionate about supporting and collaborating with adults who are on their own Montessori journey.

In her free time, Lori enjoys reading and learning and loves to travel. She and her partner have two children who attend universities in New England and two furry friends who keep them company at home! Lori spends a considerable amount of time continuing her own learning on a variety of subjects whether it be through reading, course work, documentaries, travel, and so on. Learning is for life!

Before becoming a teacher, Lori worked in the corporate world and holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Human Resources from King's College. She holds both I/T and EC Montessori Credentials from PCTE, where she currently serves as a Field Consultant and Instructor. In addition, Lori recently completed a course that focused on teaching music to preschoolers using the Orff-Schulwerk Method within a Montessori "hands-on" environment.

Student Registrar, Accounts Manager and Business Associate

Banu Eser

Banu Eser joined Princeton Montessori School in 1998 and serves as the student registrar, and is responsible for supporting all business office functions and admissions processing for the school and PCTE.

Banu is known as the “go-to” person in the Business Office. She brings her many years of experience in admissions, technology, student data, teacher training and business processes to the administrative team. She also leads the before-school program for Elementary students. Banu loves that her work enables her to be involved with the whole school community every day. She has constant communication with teachers, PCTE instructors and adult learners, as well as our parents and students.

Outside of work, Banu enjoys cooking and baking recipes from her native country Turkey, traveling, enjoying the outdoors and of course spending time with her family. Her son is a Princeton Montessori School alum who attended the Toddler-Middle School programs. He graduated from TCNJ and is currently working in New York City at a Science and Health Communications Agency.

Human Resources Generalist

Teresa Gray-Piper

Teresa Gray-Piper joined Princeton Montessori School in 2023 as the Human Resources Generalist.

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 and is currently an Administrative Assistant.

Suzanne delights in the energy and minds of children. She has been a Head Teacher and a certified Yoga teacher for children. She also has experience as an Administrative professional. She brings music, art, curiosity, and joy to the community at Princeton Montessori.

When not at work Suzanne enjoys hiking or riding on local bike trails most weekends. She practices meditation, teaches yoga, and dance. She has a 26-year-old daughter who works as an art teacher in the New Jersey public school system.

Suzanne earned a A. A., in Liberal Arts. with a Concentration in Early Childhood Education from Greater Hartford Community College, Hartford, Ct. She also holds an MA in Women's Studies from Smith College, Northampton, MA.


Derry Light Wills

Derry Light Wills joined Princeton Montessori School in 1995 and currently maintains the front desk and provides administrative support to faculty and staff.

Prior to her current role, Derry taught music in the Elementary and Middle School programs, directed chorus for 5th-8th grades, and led the annual operetta and theater productions. She assisted in the Infant center and has substituted at all levels throughout the school.

In her leisure time, Derry likes to explore the natural world, bird-watch, read, and go to the theater and movies. She loves singing, especially when her daughters join her in impromptu duets and trios.

Derry’s professional work includes performing with a New York-based theater company, teaching voice and improvisation, and working in cabaret and voice-overs. She received a BA in Literature and Performing Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, NY, and has an MS in Ecology from Rutgers University. Derry earned Orff-Schulwerk certification for Levels I, II, and III at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

PCTE Programs Coordinator

Lisa Meisenbacher

Lisa L. Meisenbacher joined Princeton Montessori School in 2008 and is the PCTE Programs Coordinator, supporting PCTE and the adult learners.

She oversees the Admissions process, student records, Practicum visits and applying for final credentials. She instructs in the Toddler program and is an active field consultant. Lisa received a BA in Italian Literature from Rutgers University, NJ, and holds an American Montessori Society credential in Infant/Toddler through the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.
Assistant Head of School

Andrea O’Brian

Andrea O’Brian joined Princeton Montessori School in 2006 and is currently the Assistant Head of School, responsible for overseeing the operational needs of the school and ensuring that the administrative team effectively supports the teaching staff and the school community. She also oversees the school’s marketing and communications endeavors, as well as development efforts.

Andrea brings many years of business organization and operations experience to her current role. Prior to joining Princeton Montessori, she worked for an international management consultancy before founding her own graphic design company. Andrea frequently leads professional development initiatives for the administrative team, focusing on growth and interpersonal skills. She has served on several school reaccreditation teams and is the current President of the New Jersey Montessori Association Corporation (NJMAC). When not at the school, Andrea enjoys cooking, and spending time at the beach with her husband and four children.

Andrea received a BFA in Graphic Design from The College of New Jersey, NJ and holds an American Montessori Society Administrator credential through Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ. She is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences and is also an instructor for PCTE.

Director of PCTE

Dorothy Paul

Dorothy Paul joined Princeton Montessori School in 2018 and is responsible for leading the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE) as well as ensuring the School’s curriculum and program offerings remain in alignment with Montessori philosophy.

Dorothy began her Montessori career in 1987 and most recently served as the Director of Education at the Duhovka Preschool in Prague, Czech Republic and at the Amelia Island Montessori School in Florida. She developed the Duhovka Montessori Teacher Education Program (DMTEP), in Prague, Czech Republic. Her extensive experience as a teacher trainer has guided her work on pedagogy, curriculum, and program design.

Dorothy recently served on the AMS Board of Directors and on various MACTE verification teams in the US and abroad. When not at the School, Dorothy enjoys spending time with her two grown children as well as being an avid sports fan.

Dorothy holds a Masters degree in Montessori Elementary Education from Barry University in Miami, Florida and a BS in Nutrition from the University of Rhode Island. She holds AMS Early Childhood credentials from the Seton Institute (1990) and from Barry University (2007) and an AMS Elementary I-II Credential from Barry University (2005). She holds a Professional Educator’s Certificate from the State of Florida Department of Education and is a frequent presenter at the AMS and other Montessori conferences.

Media Specialist

Mary Reuter-May

Mary Reuter-May joined Princeton Montessori School in 1990 and is currently responsible for creating print and online publications for PMS and PCTE, as well as maintaining the school’s advertising initiatives, promotional materials, and website updates.

Mary enjoys taking photos of the events and connecting with the daily happenings in the classrooms throughout the school. She supports the inner workings of the school administrative team as well as the teachers. Given her longevity at the school, Mary often provides a historical perspective of the school’s past activities and maintains the school’s digital archives.

Each of Mary’s three children attended Princeton Montessori School, starting in the Infant Center. When not in the office, Mary enjoys baking, drawing, painting, and spending time with her large extended family.

Mary received a BA in Communications Design from Kutztown University, PA.

Health Coordinator

Brianna Seay

Brianna Seay joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 as the Health Coordinator and is responsible for managing our health office: monitoring illness, tending to the health needs of students, supporting teachers as they care for children, and managing all student health records.

Brianna brings a strong commitment to best practices in school nursing and has the ability to communicate with people and to explain things clearly in both technical and non-technical ways. Her caring and nurturing demeanor is a benefit when working with young children. In her free time, Brianna loves to vacation and travel with family and friends, but above all she enjoys being a mother and spending time with her children.

Brianna attended Interim Healthcare for her Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Aide certifications. She attended Tulsa Community College in OK where she received her License as a Phlebotomist. She is a Graduate of Lincoln Institute of Technology Nursing school and holds a NJ licensure as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Technology Associate

Javier Silva

Javier Silva joined Princeton Montessori School in 2021 and is currently the Technology Associate.

Javier provides daily technology support and training to faculty, staff, and students to ensure their needs are being met and issues are resolved in a timely manner. He is also in charge of the educational technology needs of the organization.

In his free time he loves to read, hike, play with his dog, practice yoga and create websites.

Javier holds a BA in Information Technology and Informatics from Rutgers University. He holds a minor in Sociology, and a minor in Digital Communication, Information, and Media (DCIM). He is certified in Cyber Security and plans on getting more certifications to incorporate what he learns into the school.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan joined Princeton Montessori School in 2016 and currently oversees the school's marketing and communications departments.

Katie is passionate about the Montessori philosophy and is honored to serve as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Princeton Montessori School. In addition to leading and guiding the school's high level marketing and communications strategy, she also manages multiple social media accounts for both Princeton Montessori and PCTE, writes and distributes press releases/articles, oversees print and digital ad placement, and coordinates website updates. Her background in sales and marketing spans across multiple industries, including entertainment and technology. Her corporate experience coupled with her current role as a school parent give her the perspective needed to promote the school to both internal and external audiences.

Outside of work, Katie loves to travel, read, exercise, and spend time with family and friends, including her husband and two children.

Katie graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Public Relations and a minor in Cinema-Television.

Community Engagement Manager

Kristen VonWachenfeldt

Kristen VonWachenfeldt joined Princeton Montessori School in 2016 and is currently responsible for managing the school’s events, coordinating enrichment programs for students and providing administrative support to the entire school community.

Kristen brings experience in customer service, communications, performing arts and working with children to her role. Her attention to detail, strong organizational skills and professional demeanor make her an asset to the administrative team.

When not at the office, Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, baking, singing, and continuing to pursue her passion for theatre. She performs frequently in productions in the NJ/PA area. She is a House Parent on campus at The Lawrenceville School and an active volunteer in that community.

Kristen received a BFA in Music Theatre from Elon University, NC.


Facilities Manager

Ralph Andujar

Ralph Andujar joined Princeton Montessori School in 2018 and is currently responsible for the supervision and management of the facility and also serves as the school liaison to businesses, contractors, and vendors.

Ralph has over 25 years experience in the field of facilities supervision and machine repair, as well as coordinating contractors, performing building maintenance and managing small teams.

When not working, Ralph enjoys spending time in the mountains with his wife, daughter, two sons and five grandchildren.

Facilities Team Member

Lawrence Meekins

Lawrence Meekins joined Princeton Montessori School in 2022 and assists with the daily operations of the facility and general maintenance projects.

Lawrence brings experience working in independent schools in athletics as a coach and has worked as a warehouse supervisor and, most recently, as a security officer. He studied criminal justice and holds a security officer license.

In his free time, Lawrence likes to exercise, coach basketball, and spend time with his family.



What Parents Are Saying

Our child previously attended a reputable public elementary school. During that time, she often complained that she was bored at school. I was concerned that the school's 'one-size-fits-all' education model was gradually dimming her thirst for knowledge. I wanted the flames of her engagement and curiosity to be fanned, not extinguished. She is now back at Princeton Montessori and I am happy to report that she is no longer bored. In fact, her inner flame has never been stronger!

Our Primary student is learning remotely this year due to the pandemic. He is really is enjoying all the works that come home to him. He tells me things like 'I love my Montessori works' and 'my works are beautiful.' My husband and I see him growing and learning so much even amidst our virtual constraints. Having tailored materials for him to work with makes all the difference in the world and we're grateful for the thought and care you put into curating them.

The other day I came downstairs and my 4-year-old son was listening to 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart' on Alexa. He told me that Mozart's dad was named Leopold and his sister was Nannerl (it took him a second to remember her name and it sounded made up, so my husband and I googled it. Sure enough he was right). We asked what else he had been learning and he rattled off Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s full name and referenced The Four Seasons. I think my jaw is still on the floor. It turns out that the Primary children have been learning about composers this fall and listening to their music. What incredible exposure for these young children!

Princeton Montessori is the very epitome of the principles of Maria Montessori. The School offers a nurturing, creative, academic, and well-rounded development for each child. As a parent, we cannot offer our daughter a more valuable first gift.

The faculty are, bar none, the absolute best. The teachers are very knowledge both about the Montessori philosophy and the best ways to work with children. I ask for their advice and insight for any issues we’re having at home, quite often. They’re also incredibly warm and nurturing with the children in a way I have not seen at any other school.

I’m struck by how much better the Montessori toddlers are at playing and working peacefully with their peers than toddlers in other nursery school programs. I credit the gifted PMonts teachers, and the Princeton Montessori educational approach, for how confident, happy, and collaborative toddlers in the PMonts program seem.

Our son is so proud of being a third-year Primary. He has attended this incredible school since he was one year old. He had absolutely wonderful Toddler teachers and flourished under their care. Now, he is a third-year Primary and we know he will be more than ready for Lower Elementary. Thank you to all the Teachers & Staff!

The school runs with one philosophy and so every faculty member and admin personnel share the same vision for the child. This consistency is unique in our area to Princeton Montessori. Combined with the integration of the teacher training program, we can proudly say that the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s principles permeates every aspect of our school. That’s what I value the most about our school!

Education is both a gift and a right. I feel the teachers at PMonts help our children to appreciate the value of their education. Understanding the value involves looking beyond school and appreciating how education is a tool that will allow them to explore challenging goals, to grow as individuals and most importantly, chase their dreams.

I will never cease to be amazed at the capabilities of the young child. In the Montessori environment, the very youngest students show incredible independence and competence. At Princeton Montessori School the teachers truly help the children to “help me do it myself”.

When I think about my personal philosophy on education I can check all the boxes with regards to the education my daughter is receiving at Princeton Montessori. I feel the teachers motivate the students by focusing on appreciating the value of education and the diversities of peoples around the world while stressing and leveraging the power of the uniqueness in each individual student. Ultimately, the role of an educator is to shape a new generation that will create a safer and better world for the future.

Princeton Montessori School is a school that exceeds any expectations imaginable. The school follows each and every child on an individual basis and nourishes each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. It is a school where teachers appreciate all unique qualities each child brings.

Princeton Montessori School turned out to be the best investment ever. We made some sacrifices in our lifestyle in order to be able to afford sending both children all the way through 8th grade, but now we are proud to note that we have two capable, confident, well-mannered young adults who are a pleasure to be around and who continue to love to work hard in their studies.

EXCEPTIONAL is the carefully chosen word to describe Princeton Montessori School. Our family has been part of the PMonts community from elementary through middle school. If I could give every child a gift that gift would be for them to experience the joy of learning every single day at PMonts. The multi-age classes provide the advantage of older students leading younger students and younger students watching the wonderful examples of the older children. The children recognize the strengths of others as being positive and not competitive. Princeton Montessori is much more than academic college prep - it is life prep!

Thanks for a wonderful school year thus far and for doing such a wonderful job for our children during such a challenging year. Princeton Montessori has simply been the gold standard for pandemic education, in my mind.

We love the fact that your guidelines have been clear and appropriate, and impressing upon families how their role is critical in keeping the wider school community safe. Thanks also for sourcing materials and providing seminars on parenting during this particular time. The fact that the school has remained open all this time is a huge testament to you all.

Our daughter loves being at school. She confidently reported that she was happy with the safety measures in place, and that she felt “safe” at school. This was HUGE.

We have always been thrilled with our PMonts experience, and this fall term has sent us through the roof. We are in awe of the tireless work of the faculty and administration, who have made possible such an inspiring in-person program. I have always been broadly grateful for the PMonts education my children have been so lucky to receive; this summer and fall, I felt grateful each and every day.

Princeton Montessori has done an exemplary job in keeping their classrooms open to children and young people during this challenging year. They are simply the gold standard for safely educating our children during the national pandemic.

As a parent (and faculty member), Molly and I are beyond grateful for PMonts. Our children are SO happy here. I am more of a believer than ever before. Miles was fine at his public school but the difference is really clear - here, he is not just fine - he is totally thriving and so happy! I'm amazed.

"Princeton Montessori School students are open to diverse backgrounds, curious to learn new things, strong in their leadership and presentation skills, and confident. Thank you for providing an educational environment that encourages a child's total development. We know it is an incredible gift." -Middle School Parent