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Meet the Specials teachers
K-5th Spanish teacher

Martha Chaux

Martha Chaux joined Princeton Montessori School in 2021. She is currently K-5th Spanish teacher .

Martha has many years of experience as a Spanish teacher, both in an immersion school and a Montessori school. Her natural talents in this regard have been demonstrated in her winter work with the LE students with their Spanish studies.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, walking, traveling, and spending time with my son and my family.

Martha holds a Bachelor of Arts in International business and commerce, a continuing education certificate (Montessori Elementary Assistant), and has over 13 years of experience working as a Spanish teacher from Kindergarten through Elementary.

Tune In Teacher

Erin Galbraith

Erin joined the staff of Princeton Montessori School in 2014 and works with Primary, Elementary, and Middle School programs leading the weekly Tune In classes.

Tune In that focuses on helping children to become aware of their bodies, familiar with their breath, and mindful of the calm and peace they can find within.

When not teaching, Erin spends time with her husband and two children. She also enjoys practicing yoga and mindfulness activities, as well as playing tennis. Erin calls herself “an artist at heart” and loves to play with paper, paints, and collage materials of all sorts.

Erin has been a yoga teacher in the Princeton area for over nine years. She has taught a wide range of workshops from retreats for private clients, to chair yoga for caregivers of Parkinson’s patients, as well as workshops for Montessori teachers, and currently teaches adaptive yoga to private clients.

Erin holds a BA in Design from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA and a yoga teacher certification from Kripalu in Lenox, MA.

Sustainability Coordinator

Gery Juleff

Gery Juleff joined Princeton Montessori in 2021 and, in addition to his roles as Ecology Teacher in Elementary and Environment and Sustainability Educator in MS he is the Sustainability Coordinator.

Gery coordinates our Sustainability efforts as we seek to become a more sustainable organization in line with Montessori principles.

Originally from N Ireland, Gery served as a British diplomat, mainly in Africa and Brazil, before coming to NJ with his family 10 years ago. Since arriving here, he has been a biofuels consultant, environmental radio show host, led and co-hosted a series of environmental discussions at the D&R Greenway Land Trust, worked as a farm manager and substitute teacher, taught history and environmental subjects as a volunteer tutor and been a Board Member of the Sourland Conservancy and the United Front Against Riverblindness.

Gery has a BA and MA in Modern History from Trinity College, Dublin.

Violin Teacher

Toyoko Kitade

Toyoko Kitade joined Princeton Montessori School in 2003 and currently teaches private and group violin classes to Primary through Middle School students.

Toyoko enjoys working with a variety of age groups because it is wonderful to see how they learn and progress with their musical education. She finds it greatly rewarding to see a whole new world open up to children when they experience and learn through their music.

When at home, she enjoys cooking and trying new kinds of food, practicing yoga, and hiking in the Berkshires. She also enjoys performing chamber music, and attending concerts.

Toyoko holds a MA from the New England Conservatory of Music, MA, and a BA from the Sakuyo College of Music, Japan. She is also trained in the Kodály method of music instruction.

She has 30 years of international experience as a Suzuki violin instructor, and was the Assistant Director of the Suzuki Institute of Boston. She has performed with the Fukuoka City Philharmonic, the New Symphony Orchestra, and the New Philharmonic Orchestra, Boston.

Art Teacher

Barbara McElheny

Barbara McElheny joined Princeton Montessori School in 2021 and teaches art to Primary through Middle School students.

As a seasoned early childhood and elementary teacher with an AMS certification, Barbara brings a depth of understanding of the Montessori philosophy to her work as an art teacher. She had led classes that include mixed-media, age-appropriate technical skills in drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Barbara is an accomplished artist. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, exercise, enjoys museum/gallery travels and is an active volunteer in her community. She is an oil painter and pastel artist who exhibits in and around her community.

Barbara is AMS certified in Early Childhood, holds a Masters of Education in Early childhood and Elementary Education from Hunter College, and a Bachelors of Art from the School of Visual Arts.

Piano Teacher

Sue Miller

Sue Miller joined Princeton Montessori School in 2007 and currently offers private lessons to students.

Sue Ellen has enjoyed working with children for more than 30 years in the classroom and is currently a private piano instructor. She is motivated by her students’ energy and eagerness to learn.

Outside of school, Sue Ellen enjoys performing with her band, writing music, cooking and photography. She has a blended family of four children, her youngest beginning his college career.

Sue Ellen received a BA in Music Education from Susquehanna University. She has taken Graduate Level courses from Westminster Choir College in Piano Pedagogy, and has studied advanced classical technique with Stanley Yerlow (Fordham University), as well as Jazz theory and improvisation with David Kenney and Vince DiMura (Princeton University).

Music Teacher

Alex Mitnick

Alex Mitnick joined Princeton Montessori School in 2000 and currently teaches music to students in Elementary and Middle School.

Alex loves sharing his passion for music and music making with children of all ages. His unique approach to music education combines singing, movement, percussion and songwriting in a stimulating and fun way that leaves students energized and inspired.

In addition to teaching music at Princeton Montessori School, Alex is an Emmy® Award winning children’s performer with six albums of original music and his very own TV show, “Alex & The Kaleidoscope.”

Alex received a BA in Jazz Performance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and has received multiple awards for excellence in children’s entertainment including the New York Emmy® Awards, The Parents’ Choice Foundation, The Film Advisory Board and the American Library Association.

He is an instructor for the Princeton Teacher Education (PCTE).

Spanish Teacher

Nuria Perez

Nuria Perez joined Princeton Montessori School in 2014 and currently teaches Spanish to Elementary and Middle School students.

Nuria greatly enjoys teaching Spanish language and culture. Her goal is to have students participate actively in class, and to help them lose their fear of speaking a second language. She strives to develop a love of discovering another culture and mastering an additional language through experiential activities, real life connections with students from Spanish-speaking countries, and song and games.

When not teaching, Nuria enjoys spending time with her husband, exercising outdoors, and traveling.

Nuria received a BS in Sociology from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and studied Montessori Philosophy and Child Development through the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

Art Teacher, Elementary After School

Lisa Stolzer

Lisa Stolzer joined Princeton Montessori School in 1992 and teaches art to Upper Elementary and Middle School students.

Lisa enjoys the energy and spirit the students bring to the art room, as well as their passion for creativity. An avid writer, Lisa strives to help the students to find their own creative outlet as they begin to discover the influence of art on culture. Her love of travel and world cultures is an asset in helping the students understand their own place in the world.

In her spare time, Lisa loves to cook, garden, kayak, make things, and go hiking with her husband.

Lisa has previous experience teaching at the Toddler, Primary, Elementary, and Middle School levels. She holds a BA/BS in Elementary Education and English from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and received her Elementary credential from Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ. Lisa also completed the IB Middle Years Programme training for Visual Arts I and II.

Music Teacher

Norah Wasden

Norah Wasden joined Princeton Montessori School in 2018 and is a certified Music Together instructor and currently teaches music to students in the Toddler and Primary Programs.

Norah finds fulfillment and joy in working with children. She feels it is so meaningful for children to be exposed to music at a young age and to be able to explore and create with music so they can develop basic music competence. It also gives them a voice as they are finding their own and it is a wonderful tool that supports all other learning. Music allows them to have a deep, sensory experience that supports their holistic development.

Norah is a singer and a mom of three boys. Music has always been a passion of hers and she grew up playing piano and violin and sings with Princeton Pro Musica in their masterworks chorus and chamber chorus. Norah loves traveling and going for walks with her family and she also enjoys taking tap dancing classes.

Norah received a BA in History from the University of Richmond and a MAT from Georgetown University for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She is a certified Music Together instructor and she has taught English as a Second Language in the public schools.


Ann Woodrow

Ann Woodrow joined Princeton Montessori School in 2019 as a Librarian for the school.

Ann enjoys working with children and has extensive experience in children’s and young adult literature as well as curriculum based collection development. She is eager to share her curious nature and enthusiasm for literature with the children and staff.

Ann is a retired librarian with many years of experience at the Princeton Library and other schools in California. She holds a BA from Syracuse University and a Master of Library Science from Simmons College, Boston, MA.

TGA Fitness

Coach Winnie Woody

Winnie jumps for joy each day that she gets to play tennis and golf with children from all over Mercer County after school and during camps. Enjoying these sports for much of her life, she enjoys seeing the students’ joy as they learn these lifelong sports.

Find out more about TGA Premier Sports -



What Parents Are Saying

The other day I came downstairs and my 4-year-old son was listening to 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart' on Alexa. He told me that Mozart's dad was named Leopold and his sister was Nannerl (it took him a second to remember her name and it sounded made up, so my husband and I googled it. Sure enough he was right). We asked what else he had been learning and he rattled off Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s full name and referenced The Four Seasons. I think my jaw is still on the floor. It turns out that the Primary children have been learning about composers this fall and listening to their music. What incredible exposure for these young children!

Princeton Montessori is the very epitome of the principles of Maria Montessori. The School offers a nurturing, creative, academic, and well-rounded development for each child. As a parent, we cannot offer our daughter a more valuable first gift.

The faculty are, bar none, the absolute best. The teachers are very knowledge both about the Montessori philosophy and the best ways to work with children. I ask for their advice and insight for any issues we’re having at home, quite often. They’re also incredibly warm and nurturing with the children in a way I have not seen at any other school.

I’m struck by how much better the Montessori toddlers are at playing and working peacefully with their peers than toddlers in other nursery school programs. I credit the gifted PMonts teachers, and the Princeton Montessori educational approach, for how confident, happy, and collaborative toddlers in the PMonts program seem.

Our son is so proud of being a third-year Primary. He has attended this incredible school since he was one year old. He had absolutely wonderful Toddler teachers and flourished under their care. Now, he is a third-year Primary and we know he will be more than ready for Lower Elementary. Thank you to all the Teachers & Staff!

The school runs with one philosophy and so every faculty member and admin personnel share the same vision for the child. This consistency is unique in our area to Princeton Montessori. Combined with the integration of the teacher training program, we can proudly say that the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s principles permeates every aspect of our school. That’s what I value the most about our school!

Education is both a gift and a right. I feel the teachers at PMonts help our children to appreciate the value of their education. Understanding the value involves looking beyond school and appreciating how education is a tool that will allow them to explore challenging goals, to grow as individuals and most importantly, chase their dreams.

This is our first year at Princeton Montessori and my daughter is in the toddler program. It’s been nothing short of amazing. Teachers are phenomenal and my daughter has learned so much already!

I will never cease to be amazed at the capabilities of the young child. In the Montessori environment, the very youngest students show incredible independence and competence. At Princeton Montessori School the teachers truly help the children to “help me do it myself”.

When I think about my personal philosophy on education I can check all the boxes with regards to the education my daughter is receiving at Princeton Montessori. I feel the teachers motivate the students by focusing on appreciating the value of education and the diversities of peoples around the world while stressing and leveraging the power of the uniqueness in each individual student. Ultimately, the role of an educator is to shape a new generation that will create a safer and better world for the future.

Princeton Montessori School is a school that exceeds any expectations imaginable. The school follows each and every child on an individual basis and nourishes each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. It is a school where teachers appreciate all unique qualities each child brings.

Our daughter loves being at school. She confidently reported that she was happy with the safety measures in place, and that she felt “safe” at school. This was HUGE.

Princeton Montessori School turned out to be the best investment ever. We made some sacrifices in our lifestyle in order to be able to afford sending both children all the way through 8th grade, but now we are proud to note that we have two capable, confident, well-mannered young adults who are a pleasure to be around and who continue to love to work hard in their studies.

EXCEPTIONAL is the carefully chosen word to describe Princeton Montessori School. Our family has been part of the PMonts community from elementary through middle school. If I could give every child a gift that gift would be for them to experience the joy of learning every single day at PMonts. The multi-age classes provide the advantage of older students leading younger students and younger students watching the wonderful examples of the older children. The children recognize the strengths of others as being positive and not competitive. Princeton Montessori is much more than academic college prep - it is life prep!

Our child previously attended a reputable public elementary school. During that time, she often complained that she was bored at school. I was concerned that the school's 'one-size-fits-all' education model was gradually dimming her thirst for knowledge. I wanted the flames of her engagement and curiosity to be fanned, not extinguished. She is now back at Princeton Montessori and I am happy to report that she is no longer bored. In fact, her inner flame has never been stronger!

Our daughter has been in the infant center for only six months, but we believe it has been the most transformative and influential time of her life. The Infant Center teachers planted a little seed in our daughter’s heart, and it has grown and blossomed into a beautiful, resilient flower with their warm love and care. ...We have observed her world expanding astronomically, filled with beautiful memories of her teachers and friends. We have been thoroughly impressed and constantly reassured by the quality of education and care the teachers provide.

We have always been thrilled with our PMonts experience, and this fall term has sent us through the roof. We are in awe of the tireless work of the faculty and administration, who have made possible such an inspiring in-person program. I have always been broadly grateful for the PMonts education my children have been so lucky to receive; this summer and fall, I felt grateful each and every day.

As a parent (and faculty member), Molly and I are beyond grateful for PMonts. Our children are SO happy here. I am more of a believer than ever before. Miles was fine at his public school but the difference is really clear - here, he is not just fine - he is totally thriving and so happy! I'm amazed.

"Princeton Montessori School students are open to diverse backgrounds, curious to learn new things, strong in their leadership and presentation skills, and confident. Thank you for providing an educational environment that encourages a child's total development. We know it is an incredible gift." -Middle School Parent

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