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Parent Association

A way to get involved

The Princeton Montessori School Parent Association provides a forum for parents to have a voice and be involved in school life. It aims to foster a warm and welcoming sense of community for Princeton Montessori families through opportunities to be involved in regular meetings, volunteer activities, the Room Parent program, supporting and welcoming new parents, and social events. All Princeton Montessori parents are invited and encouraged to participate.

The Princeton Montessori School Parent Association is dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership and open communication among parents, faculty, and administration.

The Parent Association was formed to support the mission of the school, help build community, and contribute to the larger needs of the Princeton area. The positive impact of the Parent Association is evident throughout the school, from personal communication related to your child’s program to the organization of philanthropic endeavors to personal outreach to incoming families. The association helps maintain a dedicated parent Wi-Fi ready space in which parents are welcome to come in, relax, and connect. This space also serves as a library of parenting books which current parents are welcome to borrow. All parents are welcome to attend any of the committee meetings which are posted on the parent calendar.

Parent Association Mission2023–24 Parent Association Officers
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Interested in Volunteering?

Contact PA Chairperson, Marisa Young, to find out more about the Association and the many opportunities available for parents to get involved.

Rambusch Library and Lounge

Rambusch Library and Lounge

The Rambusch Library and Lounge is a dedicated space to serve the needs of parents and faculty in providing library resources and a place to connect.  There is even a magazine and novel exchange where you can drop off or pick up reading materials you’d like to share. Parents are always welcome to stop by, have a cup of coffee, check some emails, or just connect! The room can also be reserved for parent meetings.

Email Andrea O’Brian at to reserve the Rambusch Library and Lounge for parent meetings. Please allow 24 hours notice.

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