After-School Clubs

Princeton Montessori School offers many choices for enriching after school activities. Choose from after-school clubs, music instruction, or lessons offered on-site. All of these activities provide an enriching experience for children and are in line with the key tenets of  Montessori education.

2014-15 After-School Club Offerings

Registration for clubs is open to all students in the Elementary and Middle School programs. These after-school activities provide creative, age appropriate enrichment opportunities for our students. Clubs meet weekly from 2:45-4:00 PM (unless noted).

Each student has a choice of two afternoon clubs at no charge. Students may sign up for additional clubs, if space permits. There is a fee of $250 for each club after the first two. This fee is waived for students enrolled in the after school program.

Register for a Club

Scroll down for complete descriptions of each club. There is a required minimum of 6 students for each club to run.

Fitness & Cardio
JR1 – all levels
JR2 – level 1
French I
JR1 – all levels
2:15-2:45 pm
JR1 – all levels
JR2 – level 1
“Surprise” Craft & Activities
JR1 – all levels
JR2 – level 1
JR1 – all levels
JR2 – level 1
JR2 – all levels
French II
JR1 – all levels
JR2 – all levels
Math & Science
JR2 – all levels
JR2 – all levels
MS – all levels
The Art of Collage
JR1 – all levels
Photography and Media
JR2 – all levels
Rock Band
MS – all levels
4:00-5:00 pm
JR2 – all levels – with parent
6:30-8:00 pm

Register for a Club

Weekly participation is expected for the entire session.  Students are excused for illness only.  The club instructors ask that parents schedule all appointments and activities after the club time or on another day of the week.

Pick-up time is at 4:00 PM, unless your child is enrolled in the After School program. Students enrolled in the After School program will join the group following their club activity.  Parents may enroll siblings in the After School program until 4:00 PM on club days. The yearly fee is $475 per club day for each sibling.  You may sign up for sibling care on the club registration form.


Fitness and Cardio Club
Open to Junior 1, all levels and Junior 2, level 1
Come enjoy a cardio workout and lots of fun and active games.  Running and Jump – Roping will be explored and ideas shared for bringing the value of cardio fitness home and a part of a healthy lifestyle.  This club will also include playing team games in the Crescendo Gym and on outdoor grounds.  Students will participate in sequences of challenging physical activities that develop physical health and well-being.  Children will begin with warm-up activities, learn group games and end with calming exercises.
Limit 12 students; Instructor:  Ursula Connors 

Ceramics Club
Open to Junior 2, all levels
Ceramics Club will provide a great sense of satisfaction that comes when the children use their brains and hands simultaneously in ways that are creative, useful and productive. The children will learn the basic hand-building techniques including pinch pot, coil, slab and glaze decoration, providing them with a wide range of experiences that are tactile, creative, and rewarding.  Students will create functional clay pots such as cups, trays, and boxes in a relaxed and inspiring environment.
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Carole Golcher


New! French I Club ~ Hands-On Language Acquisition
Open to Junior 1, all levels 
*Note:  This is not an after school club, but runs 2:15 – 2:45.  Students are dismissed at 2:45
Children will learn French through games, rhymes, songs and stories in a child-friendly, immersion-based environment. The goals of the program are to accustom children to the sounds and rhythm of the French language, introduce basic vocabulary for everyday conversation, and motivate the children to communicate in French and explore French culture. Children will also participate in culinary projects. Parents will be provided basic vocabulary and expressions taught in class for optional practice at home.   Ms. Sabuhi is a trained primary teacher and native French speaker.
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Shazah Sabuhi

French  II Club (Prerequisite – French I)
Open to Junior 1 and 2, all levels
After a successful year of the immersion-based and writing-intensive French Club, we’re ready for another year of language exploration! As we continue our study of French vocabulary, grammar, and grace and courtesy through books, music, and art, we are also looking forward to learning about French culture not only in France, but in francophone cities and countries around the world. We will learn about traditions, holidays, and history, and of course, no study of culture is complete without food. Your children will have the opportunity to cook delicious French foods that they agree upon as a group, and we may even take a visit to a local French restaurant so that we can not only treat our taste buds to some delicacies, but also the food and grace & courtesy vocabulary we have acquired. Ms. Sabuhi is a trained primary teacher and native French speaker.
Limit 8 students; Instructor:  Shazah Sabuhi

The Art of Collage Club
Open to Junior 1, all levels
Collage derives its name from the French verb coller, to glue. This work of art is made by gluing things to a surface. Collage became an art form during the Synthetic Cubist period of Picasso and Braque. Other related terms are: Assemblage, which is the three-dimensional or sculptural equivalent of Collage; Montage, which usually consists only of pictures or photos and Deshirage, when tearing rather than cutting is used.  This medium of art provides limitless medium choices and creative constructions.  Students are sure to enjoy afternoons filled with inspiring examples from artists, as well as becoming artists themselves within the infinite possibilities of collage.
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Carole Golcher

Photography and Media Club 
Open to Junior 2, all levels
Beginning camera usage will encompass covering the basics such as, composition, zoom, red-eye removal, and cropping.  Students will also explore the various uses of angle, lighting and flash.  Students will gain an understanding of what makes a good picture and how to use Photoshop elements to enhance and correct their images. Students will also explore the popular world of stop motion animation. Working with the basics, students will learn to write a basic script, create a movie, edit and upload to Vimeo.  Skills will include how to use the tilt and pan features, use of close-ups, mid-shots and long-shots. They will finally create a photo album or portfolio of work. Cameras will be provided for students. There is an additional fee of $25.00 for album and book: The Kids Guide to Digital Photography by Jenni Bidner
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Linda Moskowitz

Rock Band Club
Open to Middle School students, all levels
We are pleased to offer to middle school students a new Rock Band club for the 2014-15 school year.  Students are welcome to bring their musical talents of all kinds to the band, or to try something new. Designed for enthusiastic rock band performers, this program is an opportunity for students to explore the entire process of staging a full rock show: selecting material, creating transcriptions, arranging charts, rehearsing with a band and performing on stage. Sure to be a lot of fun!
Instructor:  Alex Mitnick

Open to Junior 2, all levels
Note – this club meets in the evening with parent and child on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:00 PM
BookEnds is a Parent/Child reading club which meets monthly.  Mrs. Marmion provides a structure for each parent and child duo to enjoy children’s fiction in a meaningful way. By reading books and discussing them together parents share a special time with their child while helping him or her develop a love of reading and important language and literacy skills.BookEnds is recommended for parents and students who enjoy reading as well as those who need a little incentive.  Just read the book selected for the month, either together or separately, and come to BookEnds ready to participate.  Books are carefully chosen to appeal to both boys and girls. At each meeting, the group will discuss last month’s book choice, enjoy a book-related snack, and engage in a fun activity (artistic, theatrical, or quiz format). Families are encouraged to attend multiple years to explore more book titles.
Fee: $40 – includes a copy of each book; Instructor:  Kathy Marmion


Sewing Club
Open to Junior 1, all levels and Junior 2, level 1
The students will learn the techniques of hand sewing including bargello, cross-stitch, embroidery, and simple straight stitch sewing.  While sewing fun items such as a bookmark and a pillow, students will be learning patience and concentration and will be rewarded with a sense of pride upon completion. Students will learn the parts of the sewing machine and how to operate it.  Step by step skills such as pinning, cutting and sewing straight line projects such as a pillowcase or placemat are followed by learning to use a simple pattern to sew a fleece hat or skirt.  Sewing is a valuable life long skill and one that will provide the student with a positive experience and a sense of accomplishment.
Limit 6 students; Instructor:  Carole Golcher

A Journey Into the World of Science and Math Club
Open to Junior 2, all levels
Enter the world of mathematics and science to explore the world around you and uncover the mysteries of the unknown.  Did you know behind every mathematical and scientific discovery there is a fascinating story?  With hands-on and discovery based activities students will embark on a journey which will take them on a path to explore many problem solving experiences, learn about intriguing links between history, science, and math, and above all a fun-filled time to create and uncover. If you like to stimulate your natural curiosity, collaborate with your friends, and have a flair for improvisation, hop on!
Limit 12 students; Instructor:  Huma Kazmi


“Surprise” Craft and Activity Club
Open to Junior 1, all levels and Junior 2, level 1
This is a new club offering based on students’ requests to have more time to craft, draw, paint and explore new activities with friends.  Each week, students will be introduced to a fun, hands-on activity and craft.  Students’ interests will be taken into account.  Crafts, sewing, cooking, art, string games, clay, poetry, and outdoor time are all options to be explored!  Come and enjoy an afternoon of creative exploration using themes in art, nature and literature.  Enjoy extra time to create, paint, craft, and enjoy social time with friends!
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Kathy Sellers

Chess Club
Open to Junior 2, all levels
Princeton Montessori School’s Chess Club allows students to get together to play friendly games of chess and to work on their mastery of the game.  Each session will consist of an instructional period followed by actual game play.  Students will learn the rules of the chess, as well as the history of the game. Emphasis will be placed on chess etiquette and good sportsmanship.  The club is open to Junior II students.  Chess Club is a great opportunity for students to hone their problem solving and creative thinking skills.
Limit 12 students; Instructor:  Carrie Hotchkiss


Cooking Club
Open to Junior 1, all levels and Junior 2, level 1
Cooking together can promote fun, socialization, as well as help develop lasting healthy eating habits.  Students will bake cookies, brownies, scones, and other items from scratch while learning about units of measurement, and other baking terms.  Of course, fun and healthy recipes will be prepared, from snacks to lunch to main entrees, all that are appealing, taste good, and are healthy too!  Students will leave with an illustrated recipe book to share with family and friends.
Limit 6 students; Instructor:  Mary Reuter-May

Middle School TGIF Club
Open to Middle School, all levels
All Middle School students may participate in TGIF Club.  This is sure to be a fun social time, as well as enhance team building and community.  Activities will include outdoor sports, group board games, team building, group initiatives, and general “hang-out” time.  Throughout the year, students will be involved in the planning and choosing of activities and themes.  Snacks will be provided.  Twice a year, students will be invited to stay later and enjoy pizza and a movie.  Students not picked up by 3:00 on Fridays will automatically be enrolled in this club as there will not be after school available for middle school students on Fridays from 3:00-4:00 PM.
Limit 10 students; Instructor:  Tori Pinciotti