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A Special Guest

Army Captain John Tucci Pays a Visit to Upper Elementary & Middle School

A Visit from a Captain in the U.S. Army


Army Captain (soon to be Major) John Tucci, father of Upper Elementary student Alexa, came in to speak to the Upper Elementary and Middle School students to talk to them about his recent deployment to Iraq. Captain Tucci spoke about his reasons for joining the Army, his most recent experiences in Iraq, his previous deployment to Afghanistan, and his work as an intelligence officer. Students were curious about Captain Tucci’s daily life on the base and the cultural differences he experienced between the United States and the Middle East.  The Upper Elementary and Middle School students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and were pleased to have the opportunity to thank Captain Tucci for his service!

Earlier this year Captain Tucci mailed an American Flag to the students which had been flown in the classes honor over the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Coincidentally, the day it was flown, August 31, is Maria Montessori’s birthday! The flag and certificate are on display in the elementary hallway along with a flag that was flown last year for Lower Elementary when Alexa was a student in that program.





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