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July 17, 2018
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July 23, 2018

Parents' Night Out a Great Success

Fun and Creativity at Paint & Sip Night!

A Wonderful Community Event hosted by the PA

The Princeton Montessori Imaginarium Art studio was the scene of a delightful evening, full of creativity and fun, as parents got together and tapped into their inner artist. The Paint & Sip was a relaxed, casual community event that allowed parents of various levels in the school to connect. Sponsored by the Parent Association, and run by “The Painter’s Loft,” it was a wonderful evening. A big thank you to Rupal Kothari for organizing this special event!


“We loved Parents Night Out at Princeton Montessori! My husband and I were so excited to attend a night out at the school with fellow parents and to try something new that we’ve never done before.  Not only was it a new “date night” idea for us but we were able to spend the night with friends and meet new ones.  Having it at school made the night comfortable, relaxed and the Imaginarium Art Studio brought out the creativity in all of us.  I also never knew how many parents were such great artists!  We were all discussing how we couldn’t wait to show our children our paintings and which room they’ll end up in.  Every time I looked up from my  “masterpiece” I could see smiles on parent’s faces, wine being sipped, and eyes filled with focus and determination.  Overall, I think the parents night out was an extreme success and I’m grateful to the Social Committee and Parents Association for planning such a memorable and fun evening. ”   ~ Tracey Baskin, mom of Brooke and Skylar








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