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July 17, 2018
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Upper Elementary Gets a Special Visitor

James Steen shares his experiences from "Down Under"

Learning About Australia

The Upper Elementary students are studying the continents of Australia and Africa as part of the Geography curriculum.  This fall, all students engaged in a study of all things Australian, including an understanding of the indigenous cultural and the the effect of European settlement on this country-continent. 

Mrs. Morrison’s son James recently returned from Australia after doing a semester abroad at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. He visited the class to share his experiences. James gave an engaging power point presentation that was based on questions the Upper Elementary students had given him in advance. They were all very interested in hearing about his adventures and talking about the places he had traveled, the animals he had seen and what it was like to surf there. One of their favorite parts was watching a video of him bungie-jumping off a bridge! James’ presentation gave the students an overview of modern Australian life. 


James asked the children about what they had been learning and gave a New Zealand dollar to the student who gave the best fact!

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