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A Wonderful Community Event hosted by the PA

By April 29, 2021All Programs

Virtual Paint & Sip

The Parent Association hosted a delightful evening, full of creativity and fun, as parents got together virtually and tapped into their inner artist. A group of over 25 parents got together on Friday, April 16 to attend a Virtual Paint and Sip session led by Leanne Purkiss of Magic Arts Studio in Yardley. Art kits were delivered in advance, as were video links of Bob Ross and suggestions for art-themed cocktails and mocktails. Many parents claimed a total lack of artistic ability, so it was appropriate that the main priority was just to have fun and socialize. A big thank you to Rupa Mohan and Kristen von Wachenfeldt who co-hosted and introduced the session.

The evening’s challenge was to recreate a Spring themed painting, cherry blossoms in a landscape of green hills, and was expertly led by Purkiss on Zoom. The evening evolved from a strict focus on painting, and progressively became more relaxed as the session wore on. A playlist of fun tunes provided by Kristen had some people dancing while painting, and other parents bantering looking at each other’s work. Predictably, there were a few kid-related interruptions too – c’est la vie!

Despite the varying ability levels, it was a pleasant surprise to see everyone’s masterpieces at the end of the session. Screenshots over, the evening gave way to an after-party where parents chatted and came up with other ideas for future events. Watch the weekly planner for details!







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