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AMS Executive Director Visit

By January 27, 2022All Programs

This week, Princeton Montessori School and Princeton Center for Teacher Education enjoyed a special visit from the American Montessori Society’s (AMS) Executive Director, Munir Shinji, and Marketing Director, Jason Roth. Our visitors enjoyed a full tour of the school and a distanced observation of programming. The children presented them with a thank you card for visiting and a list of all the things they love about attending a Montessori school. 

Princeton Montessori School is fully accredited by the American Montessori Society. Out of all the Montessori schools in New Jersey, only half enjoy this distinction of earning full accreditation with AMS. This means our school meets all the standards and criteria of an exceptional and authentic Montessori education.  Our own Head of School, Michelle Morrison, is a commissioner on the AMS School Accreditation team and in that role, sees firsthand what a difference accreditation makes in ensuring the quality of the student experience.

Our visitors sent a thank you that included some reflections about their time with us: 

All staff members we met were so friendly and generous in sharing their thoughts, experiences, and time. Adjectives that come to mind about the Princeton Montessori School students range from: adorable to thoughtful to curious to impressive. What I was seeing in the students was a deliberate and successful integration between the learner, the space, the environment, and of course multiple underlying processes. Though the beauty of your school was immediately apparent, upon further reflection, the idea of “form following function” came to mind, as well as the joy of learning being implicitly connected with the what, how, and where of learning. Further, the joy and passion – in the faces of the teachers as well as you [Michelle] and the team – reminded me of, and increased my appreciation for, the significance of what we are doing here at AMS.

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