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By November 28, 2022December 2nd, 2022All Programs

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  • PRIMARY: We encourage families of Primary children to participate in the Parent Association’s Holiday Giving Drive by purchasing a gift or a pair of mittens, gloves, or a hat to donate to The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey.
  • LOWER ELEMENTARY: The students will be choosing a secret pal in class.  Elementary students are asked to bring in a gift-wrapped and labeled book to exchange with their secret pal. Students should bring in their books by Friday, December 16th. Book value should be between $15 and $20.
  • UPPER ELEMENTARY: The teachers assign the children secret pals. Elementary students are asked to bring in a labeled and gift-wrapped paperback book to exchange with their secret pal. Students should bring in their books by Monday, December 12th. Book value for Upper Elementary between $15-$20
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL: The Middle School students will have a “white elephant” exchange.  Students will purchase (preferably with their own money) a $20 gift that anyone in middle school could use.  (We are stressing the ability to use the item rather than have it be a gag gift).  Gifts should be wrapped and brought in by Thursday, Dec 15 and the gift exchange will take place on Tuesday, Dec 20.
    • UPPER ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOL: We will once again be continuing the long-standing Upper Elementary and Middle School tradition of the holiday cookie exchanges on Tuesday, December 20. We ask each student to bring in three dozen cookies and in exchange, your child will bring home an assortment of three dozen baked cookies.
      • To ensure it is a safe activity for all students, we ask that all families please observe the school’s allergy and nut policy, which can be found in the Parent Handbook, and be mindful to not include allergen products in your baking. For students with allergies, there will be a separate table that includes allergy-free cookies, mostly store-bought, that clearly list all ingredients.

Please reach out to your child’s conference teacher with any questions or concerns.

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