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Final School Spirit Day

By May 7, 2021All Programs
On the first Friday of every month, we have a Virtual School Spirit Day – a school-wide Zoom led by Mr. Mitnick and Mrs. VonWachenfeldt! Friday, May 7th was the final School Spirit Day of the year! 

This week was the School Book Fair as well as Children’s Book Week. School Spirit Day continued with this theme, beginning with a video of students talking about their favorite books. Mr. Mitnick then led us on a “Bear Hunt” followed by Middle School student Annabella reading a PMonts “Round Robin” story written by the Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students. We congratulated our 8th-grade students on their High School acceptances and they shared their favorite memories of their time at Princeton Montessori School. Finally, the Middle School sang the school song in Spanish, followed up by Mr. Mitnick singing the English version of the song.



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