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Halloween Celebrations

By October 8, 2020October 22nd, 2020All Programs

images-2Halloween Details:

Halloween will be celebrated on Friday, October 30. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we will not be having our annual costume parade. Each program will be hosting their own celebrations within cohorts.


The infant and toddler children will celebrate Halloween by doing some fall classroom works but will not wear costumes. Please do not send your child in costume or bring in a shared snack.  We appreciate your cooperation.


Children are invited to come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. Primary students will parade around the playground for other Primary cohorts to watch from a distance. Children will remove their costumes when they return to the classroom. The teachers have planned fun crafts and other ways to make the day feel special. The children are already enjoying many seasonal activities, such as the life cycle of the pumpkin, parts of the pumpkin, and numerous practical life activities.

A few considerations for costumes:

  • Children should wear their costumes over their clothes so that they can easily be removed after the parade.  
  • We request that costumes and shoes are age-appropriate and do not restrict a child’s movement. 
  • No full-face masks or play weapons of any sort, please!

Lower Elementary

On Friday, October 30th, Lower Elementary students may wear their costumes to school, being sure to bring an extra change of clothes for recess. We will have a small Halloween celebration in the morning — students may pack a special treat for their own snack if they would like.  Teachers will discuss the plans with the LE students and will send a reminder note home the night before.

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary is planning a day of Halloween fun! Students are asked to come dressed in their costumes and plan on remaining in their costumes throughout the day. We request that costumes are comfortable, tasteful, and do not restrict the child’s movement. No play weapons of any kind or costume-related face mask should be brought to school. In keeping with our yearly tradition, 4th and 5th-grade students will prepare and present plays. The students will watch a movie in the afternoon and enjoy an individual sweet treat brought from home.

Middle School

Middle School students will design a fun activity to celebrate the holiday. Those who would like to come in costume may, but we ask that they bring a change of clothing. Due to the current restrictions, we will not share a snack, but students are welcome to bring their own ‘Halloween-themed’ treat. 

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