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HOS Surprise Day!!

By March 3, 2022March 4th, 2022All Programs

Tuesday, March 1st, was the third annual “Head of School Surprise Day” for Primary-Middle School! Every year, Mrs. Morrison picks a day to surprise students with a fun activity in honor of how well they are working together in their community to learn and support each other. This year’s surprise was a laser show by Prismatic Magic!

Did you know that we each use about a half-dozen lasers every day without realizing it? Prismatic Magic’s Science Spectacular provided an unforgettable assembly, delving into the mysteries of light, color, perception, and lasers. Culminating in an exciting laser light show with a high-octane mix of popular music and interactive laser games, the Science Spectacular laser show left students and teachers wanting to learn more about this fascinating science that is revolutionizing our world!

Students thanked Mrs. Morrison for the surprise!

Watch the video announcement of Surprise Day!

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