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HOS Surprise Day!!

By February 26, 2021All Programs

Friday was “Head of School Surprise Day” for Primary-Middle School! This annual tradition began last year when Mrs. Morrison surprised students with a “Journey into Outer Space” in an inflatable mobile planetarium from Cosmic IQ! Every year, Mrs. Morrison picks a day to surprise students with a fun activity in honor of how well they are working together in their community to learn and support each other. We are particularly proud of how responsible the students have been following Covid guidelines!

This year, Primary students were gifted with their very own Princeton Montessori School Kaleidoscope kit created by SteamWorks Studios! Kaleidoscopes have a special meaning for our school – we have a room in the Infant/Toddler wing called Kaleidoscope, and music teacher, Mr. Mitnick, has a band called ‘Alex & the Kaleidoscope’. We would love to see how your Kaleidoscope turns out – please send pictures to

Elementary and Middle School students participated in a high-energy Virtual Music Technology experience led by acclaimed music producer, Brent Daniels! It was a fun opportunity to learn about the relationship between the technology they use every day and the creation of the music and sounds they hear in movies, games, and popular music. They talked about sound design and terms like synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, high hat, loop, tempo, and pulse. There was a lot of head-bobbing, dancing, smiles and laughter as Mr. Daniels helped each class create their own on-the-spot sounds and put them together in an original track!

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