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Joyful Learning

By September 18, 2020All Programs

Dorthy Paul, PCTE Director and Director of Education, recently observed the programs and was so impressed by the active and collaborative learning going on at all levels.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

One of my favorite aspects of the Director of Education role is the opportunity to spend more time in the classrooms in order to get to know the character of your students, your work cycle routine and to appreciate all of the small details that you have considered to make your environments successful. As I walked through the school today I have stopped by most every classroom and briefly observed, from either a window or a vacant classroom chair. 

There is joyful learning going on in every one of our outdoor environments! 

I wish each of you could see the other classes as they hold circle, give lessons, and enjoy independent work choices. Montessori education is truly an amazing method of learning and each of you makes it come to life so beautifully in your commitment to your students.

Thank you!

Dorothy Paul
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