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Love of Reading

By May 5, 2022All Programs

Scholastic Book Fair for Primary through Middle School students

Shop Online through May 15th

In-person sales end May 6th, but you can still shop online through May 15th. Visit the homepage and click “Shop the Store” to browse a wider selection of 5000+ products! All orders ship home and book-only orders over $25 ship free. Every purchase benefits the school!

Thank You to our Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to the book fair, helping to make it such a big success, especially our parent volunteers – Melissa Davis, Rachel Pereira, Minhwa Cho, Providence More, and Cynthia Hill!!

Thank You Middle School Students!

Middle School students were a great help running the fair! They read to the younger students, helped students create wishlists, and even managed the registers!

Round Robin Story

During their visit to the Book Fair, each class added a line to create a “Round Robin” story! Once everyone had contributed we had a funny little story to share:

When I was walking to school I saw a caterpillar and…
a cat, fish, and a baby shark…
who started dancing.
Then a snake and a unicorn joined them at the park to have a dance party with soup.
Suddenly, a T-rex arrived with a birthday cake!
Everyone at the party gathered together to cut the cake. Inside, it was chocolate!
Then, the T-Rex ate the whole cake in one bite!
In the end, all of his friends forgave him, and they danced the night away.

Book Character Day!

On the final day of the on-site Book Fair students were invited to come to the Book Fair Dressed as their favorite book character! Many students, and teachers, chose to join in the fun!

Want to buy books for your child’s classroom? 

Contribute to the eWallet for your child’s program (links below)! In addition, every purchase from the Book Fair earns 25% in rewards for the school.

Primary eWallet

Lower Elementary eWallet

Upper Elementary eWallet

Middle School eWallet

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