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Montessori for the Future

By May 16, 2023All Programs

Congratulations Aish Saminathan!

Upper Elementary teacher, Aish Saminathan, has been selected for the AMS U40 Summit! Aish briefly explains the significance of this opportunity.

“I will join a diverse cohort of 40 AMS and AMI Montessori educators under 40 years old where I will experience an immersive program to impact the Montessori Movement and work to improve teacher support. I will be part of Montessori educators across the country as we discuss, research, and brainstorm sustainable pathways for Montessori to expand its reach and ways in which pedagogy, teacher education, and school leadership can evolve to better meet the needs of children and adolescents of today. This group will propose ideas for both AMS and AMI/USA to begin working on innovative solutions.
Participants were selected based on Montessori credentials, aptitude, diverse experience, a desire to collaborate, and the drive to become more impactful leaders in the Montessori community. The screening process involved narrative responses to critical questions about teaching and leadership. 
As a firm believer in the power of a community of change-makers, I am looking forward to sharing and learning from this experience. Throughout my parenting, newsroom, and teaching experience straddling two cultures, I’ve witnessed the value of gathering with a diverse range of individuals with a shared vision. In this case, it is working towards innovative solutions that can benefit teachers, children, and adolescents in today’s world.”   

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