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Lower Elementary Snapshot

By December 10, 2020All Programs

Zoom Lesson with Mrs. Hammer

The lower elementary students recently had a biology lesson with Mrs. Hammer. She writes: There is great joy in being with children when they are excitedly sharing newly learned material. Of course, being together in person is always the best, but a zoom meeting can hold a close second. I have truly missed being on campus this fall. However, on November 17, I was able to zoom, one on one, with most of the LE children. We had a chance to chat about the invertebrates they are learning about in biology class, animals they might have seen during a beach trip, and their Invertebrate Wheel, which was created during one of the workblocks.  Even though it was remote, I could feel their excitement and joy. I was delighted to be able to connect with the Lower Elementary students and I’m looking forward to having a similar zoom meeting with the Upper Elementary children after the holidays.

Students proudly show their Invertebrate Wheels.

NASA Launch

Last month the LE students celebrated the successful launch of NASA’s Space X Crew Dragon-1 by taking a virtual tour of the International Space Station and learning about the timeline of key NASA projects. The students constructed wind-powered paper spacecraft.

Learning about Hanukkah

The Lower Elementary students celebrated the first night of Hanukkah by learning about the festival of lights and then playing a game of Dreidel with friends.

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