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Alumni Update

By December 31, 2021Alumni

Lex D’Andrea Profile

We recently received an update on 2014 Middle School graduate, Lex D’Andrea.

Lex is a Senior at TCNJ. He will be graduating with a degree in Political Science, International Studies, and a minor in Mandarin. He is enjoying his senior year greatly with his capstone studies and his extracurricular activities. He is President of JSA, Japanese Student Association, and works with many other cultural groups on campus. He performed at Barangay (Filipino event on campus) doing the Tinikling dance and also at the Multicultural Buffet with Chinese Yo-yo. At TCNJ, you do not have to be from a specific ethnicity to be in these groups as each group is open to everyone. They are thrilled to share their cultures with others. Lex has been inducted into the National Chinese Honor Society for his studies in Mandarin, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Alpha honor society for Political Science, and Sigma Iota Rho for International Studies.

After college, Lex is planning on continuing his studies, but which path he takes is still to be determined. He is a County Committee Person with the Bernards Township Democratic Committee and a member of the Somerset County Democrats. He worked for the local campaigns during the 2020 and 2021 seasons as a volunteer.

As always, Lex loves his video games. He can chat with people while playing them. This helped him stay connected with friends during the 18 months he was home from college. He also draws in his spare time. Lex has always stated that without his education from Princeton Montessori School, he would not be who he is today. He is thankful he had the opportunity to attend!

Princeton Montessori School class of 2014

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