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Eighth Grade Spotlight

By March 5, 2024Alumni

Weekly feature spotlighting each of our Eighth graders which asks them to reflect on their Middle School experiences and share some of the highlights and what they are most proud of.

Meet Desmond Sullivan

What is one of your favorite highlights from the middle school program?

The immersive trips that offer learning opportunities include the trip to Spain that took place in April of last year. During this trip, we stayed with a host family along with one other classmate. We embarked on epic adventures, went on hikes, immersed ourselves in the local culture, and enjoyed amazing food. Additionally, we managed our own money and explored the town independently. These experiences allowed us to develop independence and prepared us for high school and beyond.

What skill(s) did you develop thanks to your Montessori/IB education that are you most proud of? 

One skill that I truly value from my education at Princeton Montessori is public speaking. The ability to speak confidently in front of others will help me greatly in my future endeavors, whether it’s in school or college interviews, or completing assignments. At our school, we’ve had the opportunity to develop this skill through engaging activities and by stepping outside of our comfort zones. For instance, participating in Model United Nations (MMUN) required us to prepare and deliver speeches from around the world in front of Montessori schools. These experiences have not only bolstered my confidence but also equipped me with valuable skills that I know will serve me well beyond my time at Princeton Montessori.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from PMonts?

After moving on to high school, there will be many things that I will miss from PMonts. One thing that I will miss is the welcoming environment and community, along with all the friends that I have made. I will make an effort to stay in touch with my 8th-grade class, but the teachers and events will only live on in memory. I will also come back whenever possible, whether it’s to talk about high school or to attend events like the fall festival.

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