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Elementary After School Snapshot

By December 7, 2023Elementary

Our before and after care programs are a natural extension of the child’s school day, and are led by experienced Montessori teachers. Environments are carefully curated to encourage quality and meaningful experiences. To enhance our program, teacher-guided activities are offered for those who would like to participate.

Mrs. Hartman, a teacher in our Primary program, has been showing the children how to make wonderful beaded creations. Students love these sessions and look forward to them. Elementary art teacher, Mrs. McElheny, also joins the After School program every other week for a new art project. Students round out the week with some fun movement exercises in the Crescendo Room (gym) with Coach Winnie from TGA Fitness. Here your children participate in everything from golf to dancing. No matter what each day brings, we always enjoy spending our time together!On Thursdays, small groups of Upper Elementary students visit the Toddlers After School program. Recently they chose to put on a play of “The Little Red Hen” for the younger children. These visits build community and provide an opportunity for the older students to connect with some of the youngest students in our school.

The Imaginarium and the Poplar Room, where the Upper and Lower Elementary programs are held, are beautiful spaces filled with creative supplies, and inspiration. When students come in from playing outside, there is always quiet time. The teachers turn on peaceful music and encourage self-directed, independent work, whether that be homework, reading a choice book, or working on an individual project. They are happy to help students to finish any project that they start, to encourage perseverance, creativity, and self-confidence. Our teachers aim to “follow the child,” finding the things that children are drawn to and incorporating those activities into our After School program.

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