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Grace and Courtesy Lunches

By December 12, 2023Elementary

Grace and courtesy are some of the keystones of a Montessori education, embodied throughout the day in the way we treat each other. In support of our grace and courtesy mindset, Upper Elementary students have Grace and Courtesy luncheons. The purpose of these luncheons is to provide students with an opportunity to gain helpful tools to support their independence, practice grace and courtesy skills at mealtime, and increase a sense of community among students.

Our first Grace and Courtesy luncheon was a big success! Fifth-grade students greeted and honored their guests. Mrs. Procaccini, Toddler teacher, was the honored guest of Nathan Manely and Eva Betz, her former students. Nathan and Eva shared memories from their toddler years. One element of grace and courtesy for the elementary child is determining what is appropriate to a particular situation and then behaving accordingly. The older students elegantly modeled for the younger peers how to express appreciation and admiration toward others. Students are active participants in the preparation, set up, and clean up.  On these dates, students come dressed in clothes that would be appropriate for a special family function or meal.


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