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Looking Back – Lower Elementary December Snapshot

By January 7, 2021Elementary

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary is a busy place! During the holiday season, the students learned more about the history of our winter holidays: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas, and shared their own traditions. Expert storyteller, Maria LoBiando, visited the class virtually and presented a Dutch-American legend called the “Baker’s Dozen”, a tale of why we sometimes get 13 bagels/doughnuts from a bakeshop instead of 12.

The students explored the science behind photographing snowflakes and turned the classroom into a winter wonderland with paper snowflakes. They had so much fun playing in the real snow outside, too!

Just before winter break the class had a Book Exchange. They brought in a labeled and gift-wrapped paperback book to exchange with their secret pal.

New outdoor tables arrived and the class looks forward to using them whenever possible!Lower elementary has been enjoying the church playground (our neighbor to the right). The church has graciously agreed to let our students use the playground throughout the pandemic. 

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