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Our Kitchen Garden

By November 8, 2021November 11th, 2021Elementary

Elementary Ecology

In Ecology, the focus has been on soil and water, and the classroom has been our vegetable garden, along with the school woods.  The children have enjoyed planting and growing spinach, radishes, white turnips, and more in the garden.  It wasn’t a big harvest, but they got their hands dirty, learned to love picking up worms, and gained an appreciation of where their food comes from and what makes good soil. The elementary students recently harvested the radishes they planted earlier this fall and brought them home!

The class has also been exploring the woods on campus.  The children helped restore the trails and an open-air theatre area.  They saw the impact of heavy rain on the woods, discovered a waterfall, found and identified a young White-Tailed deer skeleton, discovered some very cool fungi, and became comfortable in their own little bit of wilderness. 

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