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A Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride!

By October 6, 2023Middle School
Each year the Middle School students enjoy a fall biking trip to Princeton. The students start at the D&R Canal towpath in Rocky Hill and ride to Palmer Square to enjoy a walk around Princeton and lunch at one of the many eateries. Middle school students had a fantastic time on this year’s trip!
This event serves as a great way to strengthen our school community, enhance biking skills, and provide practical life experiences. The students are responsible for ensuring that their bicycles, helmets, and locks arrive at the school a day early to be thoroughly checked by the 7th and 8th graders. On the day of the ride, they load the bikes into the back of the truck and unload them again when we arrive at the base of the trail.
Our students enjoyed a leisurely lunch in town, honing their skills in ordering food, dining at restaurants, and even doing a little shopping – all while having a blast with their friends! These experiences are invaluable at their age. The bike route took them along the scenic canal, through the iconic Princeton University campus, and into town.
Confidence, independence, accountability, negotiating group dynamics, adhering to a budget, time management, physical fitness, map skills, bicycle awareness, and safety…all a continuation of the Montessori Practical Life curriculum.

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