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Alumni Visits

By December 8, 2022Middle School
Class of 2021 graduate, Annabella, and class of 2022 graduates, Anne -Catherine, Mia, and Sawyer, recently visited the Middle School to talk about their High School experiences.
Annabella is a junior at The Lawrenceville School. She talked about how well the school fits her academically and how rigorous the curriculum is. She shared that she doesn’t play sports, but you don’t need to play sports if you want to meet new friends; you can also join clubs and houses. Although Annabella is a day student, she spends a lot of time at school and said, with a big smile, that she feels like a boarding student. She is excelling academically and we are so proud of her!
Anne-Catherine and Sawyer are both attending The George School and they couldn’t be happier. Anne-Catherine is boarding and goes on exciting weekend trips to nearby cities, like Philadelphia. Sawyer and Anne-Catherine share the same group of friends. Academically, they both love that George is an International Baccalaureate school (like PMonts!). Their transition from our IB middle school to George has been smooth and not at all stressful. Anne-Catherine and Sawyer are both doing cross-country and Spanish. Anne-Catherine is also continuing with her passion for art.
Mia is attending North Brunswick High School. Mia shared how well-prepared she feels to be in a large school environment. She is mastering all her classes and has met some great friends. Mia takes level 3 Spanish and continues to excel. She also enjoys school clubs, like DECA (a business club). Mia joined the cheerleading team and we look forward to more fun stories when she visits again!
We love when graduates come back to visit us!

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