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Class of 2022 Alumni Visits

By October 24, 2022October 27th, 2022Middle School
Class of 2022 graduates, Fred Sullivan, Kim Burnfield and Connor Sun recently visited the Middle School to talk about their High School experience thus far. Zarah Cardona, also a member of the class of ’22, paid a visit to the Middle School earlier this month.
Fred is attending Peddie school. He talked about how much he likes Peddie and how many new friends he has made. Fred is enjoying every class, and he is adjusting well. He encourages students to sign up for clubs or sports since it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.
Kim is attending Solebury school, and she talked to our middle schoolers about how smooth her transition has been. Solebury blends very well with our Montessori and IB philosophy, which is why she couldn’t have imagined a better fit for herself. Kim has made great friends and enjoys her classes, especially Spanish 3 since languages have always been her passion.
Connor is attending Princeton Day School. He talked about how well-prepared he feels for a more traditional school. He talked about much he now appreciates the debates, hands-on activities, and discovery-based learning and how he misses Montessori-style learning which is so much more than lecture-based teaching. Connor is applying the skills he learned to succeed in his first year of high school. He also joined the soccer team, and he ran for school president. Go, Connor!

We love when graduates come back to visit us!


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