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El Nuevo Houdini

By October 29, 2021Middle School
A Montessori Middle School education offers an experiential, dynamic approach to each subject area, integrated studies between programs, and a focus on character development.
The Middle School students have started reading their first Spanish book called “El Nuevo Houdini.” Middle School Spanish teacher, Nuria Perez, finds it incredible how much they like reading in Spanish and all follow the story so well. “They all want to read aloud to practice their pronunciation. I love when they look at me amazed that they can follow a Spanish book without a problem.”
Also, this week, the 7th and 8th-grade students have prepared Spanish presentations for their IB assessments. Students present to their peers (in Spanish, answering the following questions: Where is Spanish spoken, and why is it important in today’s world? How can learning another language help develop an international mindset? And Why do they think it is important to learn another language?

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