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Farm to School Program

By September 28, 2021Middle School

The Princeton Montessori Farm to School program is in its 7th year. The purpose of the program is to connect students to the land, have them learn about where food comes from and gain awareness of healthier food choices, and become stewards of their local environment. 

The Middle School students visited Marchese Family farm in late September as part of the F2S program.  MFF is a small, organic vegetable farm in Hopewell Township. Mr Marchese gave the class a tour of the farm, explaining how he times the planting of his crops, uses compost to feed the plants and uses greenhouses and tunnels to extend his growing season.  The white plastic covering of the greenhouse tunnels keeps the temperature stable. The students also experienced farm work through helping plant vegetables, spread compost on the field and pick tomatoes.
Two more visits to the farm are planned during the year and Mr Marchese will also come to the school.  By the end of the year, MS students will have a deep understanding of where their food comes from and what goes into producing it, as well as the knowledge to make choices about what food they eat and how those choices impact their own health and that of the environment.

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