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Farm to School Program

By September 29, 2022Middle School

The Princeton Montessori Farm to School program is in its 8th year. The purpose of the program is to connect students to the land, have them learn about where food comes from and gain awareness of healthier food choices, and become stewards of their local environment. 

Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School all had enjoyable trips to the Marchese Family farm this week.  They learned how Mr. Marchese processes his organic vegetables and fruit into cold pressed juice, and those who chose to tasted them. They sell their juices at Brick Farm Market, Whole Earth and online here.

The trip enabled Mr Juleff to round off his teaching on food processing, comparing and contrasting the minimal processing that Mr Marchese uses with, for example, the processing used in creating mass-produced orange juice.  While Mr Marchese has to buy, for example, lemons from out of state, we also were able to discuss the importance of buying local food, when possible. 

Middle School also had a chance to harvest sweet potatoes, which they really enjoyed doing, while LE and UE had great fun harvesting cherry tomatoes.  All groups saw the variety of squash and pumpkins that Mr. Marchese grows, and learned what went into developing the different varieties, and the work that was needed to bring these food to the students plates.  

Thank you Mr. Marchese!

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