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Middle School Design Class

By December 15, 2022Middle School

Create a Flood Solution

In the recent Middle School Design unit, Create a Flood Solution, students were tasked with researching one of the greatest problems facing the world today- sea level rise and coastal flooding. Students learned about the design cycle and kept a detailed design process journal. They began by identifying a problem, researching locations most affected, and ideas that others are currently using to solve it. Then they turned their creativity and knowledge loose to ideate various solutions that they then had to refine and model in 3D using Tinkercad and Blender platforms. Students had the opportunity to 3D print their solutions with the school’s 3D printer and created models of their flood solutions that they could test and evaluate. It’s good to know that even with all the problems facing the world today, these motivated and creative engineers are willing to take on the task of designing solutions! 

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