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Middle School Design

By December 28, 2023Middle School

Design: Tools in Your Back Pocket

“Tools in your back pocket” is the fun design unit that kept the Middle School students busy for most of November and December. As the name suggests it is aimed at giving time for developing and reinforcing software tools and practices that are useful for any designer. Mrs. Dutt had the students work through the IB MYP design cycle as a class, presenting them with a guide to use as a basic template. The students worked with TinkerCad, PursaSlicer, 3D printing, and Canva Animation.

Group A’s design brief was to design a gingerbread house that represents who they are and what the winter and seasonal holidays represent to them.
Group B had two design briefs. The first was to design a dinner favor for their Thanksgiving guests and the second was to develop a 3-minute animation of a chapter of the Book Club book, “The Christmas Carol.” This second brief was shared with Group A on the last day before winter break and will be assessed as their interdisciplinary unit.

There was a wide range of designs: from gingerbread houses with oatmeal, tacos, horses, and cats, to turkey cookie cutters and pumpkin-shaped napkin holders as party favors. “One slide” presentations are a great formative way for students to share their learning with the group.

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