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MS Overnight Ski Trip

By February 15, 2024Middle School

Middle School Community Building

Middle School students took an overnight trip to Camelback Mountain Resort in the Poconos. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience Princeton Montessori School’s tradition of skiing at the next developmental level of independence.

It was an unforgettable overnight trip! From hitting the slopes during the day to experiencing the thrill of night skiing and enjoying the waterpark, the students truly had a blast. This trip not only provided countless opportunities for fun and excitement but also allowed our students to forge lasting memories and strengthen their bonds with peers. For 6th graders, it was an entirely new experience, full of thrills and adventure. Meanwhile, the 8th graders made the most out of every moment, cherishing it as their final middle school ski trip at PMonts.

After a day of skiing followed by a delightful dinner, what could be better than kicking off Friday at a water park? Our students are having an absolute blast!

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